Draconius Go: Beginners Guide

Draconius Go Beginners Guide

Draconius GO: Catch a Dragon mobile game, is a successful action game that will directly incorporate players into the game world and make you a dragon master.

It will not be possible to say that Draconius Go is an original idea product for a mobile game, which we can consider as a very detailed and playable game. It would be correct to say that the game is similar to Pokemon Go. However, being like a successful production that strikes the world of games will also keep the game in a certain standard.

Draconius Go is about catching dragons. 243 unique dragons can be caught as of now. Unlike Pokemon Go, Draconius Go allows you to give you the personal touch of your dragon. So you will be the one who raises dragons. When you reach certain levels, you will also have the chance to improve your dragons and duel with other players. You can download Draconius Go mobile game from the AppStore or PlayStore for free, and you can be part of this adventure.

Note: We will update this guide every day with new information, so keep on checking for updates.

The following guide is a BASIC quick-start Draconius go guide to get you moving.

Character selection

At the beginning of the game, you are able to choose your nickname and some cosmetic elements to your character. these have no effect on gameplay and can be changed at any time, so don’t worry if you are unsure of your characters look when you begin the game.

The World of Draconius GO

Draconius GO is a world filled with mythical creatures from cute dog-like animals, furry winged beasts to large fire-breathing dragons. You are an adventurer set out to capture and train these beasts as well as leveling up and becoming a more advanced trainer.

The creatures fall into 5 categories:

  • Earth
  • Fire
  • Water
  • Wind (Can also have electric capabilities)
  • Arcana (Dark)

These categories have type advantages:

  • Earth > Crystal (Dark)
  • Arcana (Dark) > Wind
  • Wind (Electric) > Water
  • Water > Fire
  • Fire > Earth

Draconius Go have two types of Moves, Fast Moves and Charged Moves. In this guide, we will learn about types of moves (Water, Fire etc), their stats: ESP and DSP.

So what do ESP and DSP means?

DPS or Damage Per Second

It indicates how powerful and efficient the move is in terms of damage. The higher the DPS of the move is, more damage it will cause to the opponent on every hit. Higher the DPS, more powerful is the move.

EPS or Energy Per Second

It is only assigned to fast moves, and its value indicates as to how quick the fast move can fill the energy bar spent for using charge move. Higher the EPS, Charge move energy will bar will be filled up faster.

Moveset of each Category can be found here, Quick and Charged Attacks.

Abilities with there type, DPS and ESP

Base Stats

At present, there are 2 visible Stats.

  • Strength
  • Health
  • Distortion(hidden)

Value of these stats vary from 1 to 5. 5 being maximum and best stat. Maximum CP of the creature is dependent on these stats.

For example a level 10 creature with Health and Strength 2, 2 will have less CP at the same level than for 4,4 creature. Still, a lot needs to be researched, will keep on updating as more info comes.

Red/yellow/green creature markers.

You can assign your creatures to different lists (represented by different colors and images, such as swords or shields).This is just the way to group them in order to quickly find a necessary one.

Swords and Shields

This is a hint which creature will perform better as a defender of a building (shields) or in the fight (swords), taking into account the creature’s CP and HP.

The world you play in is split into two realms, you can either play in the regular area where most types of creatures are available to be found, fought and captured or you can enter a place known as THE RIFT (more on this later).


At present, you can catch and register 125 creatures.

Full List of Beasts


You start with a maximum of 200 items that can fit in your bag. However, if you choose to you can increase your bag size by 50 items for 200 gold coins. Here is a list of some items you can receive in the game.

  • Spheres- The strength of spheres you are able to get depends on your level. These are used to capture creatures.
  • Lure– You place these on any Pillar of Abundance and for 30 minutes creatures will be lured to the specific pillar.
  • Pheromones– For 30 minutes you can attract creatures to you. This does not need to be used on a pillar. You can even be sitting on your couch to use this item.
  • Shovel- Be careful with these as they are quite expensive to purchase. So you don’t want to waste any. Once you have all 9 pieces of your map. Ensure that you are in the correct area before you dig (the map in your hunt exactly matches the area you are standing on. If you look at your map it will show exactly what piece you are standing on. Use a shovel on each piece of the map (it covers an area of about 1 square km) until you find the golden egg. Tip: If you have the exact same map as a friend you can take turns using shovels.
  • Healing Potions– Once your wounded creature has been resurrected use healing potions to revive it to full health.
  • Resurrecting Potion– Use this potion to revive a wounded creature.
  • Dragon’s Eyesight– This is one of my favorite items so far. Using this item will show you creatures all over the map. You are able to click on both creatures and treasure chest from where you stand. You do not need to physically move around the map to collect these. Like most of the others, this item lasts for 30 minutes and I find it gives you a lot of creatures.
  • Runes– There are 6 different colors of runes that you collect throughout the game. Purple is the most powerful and gray being the least. These runes can be used in recipes that give you special game perks. These perks can be shared with a friend. However, they too need the correct amount and color of runes to use this feature.
  • Arcana Caramel- Increases your chances of catching a creature.
  • Magical Doughnut- Increases the amount of essence you get for catching the creature.
  • Unicorn’s Marshmallow- Calms creatures and gets them to stand still making it easier to catch them.
  • Ice-Cream of Four Elements- Increases the number of soulstones you receive from catching the creature.
  • Crystal of Wisdom- Doubles the amount of XP you get for 30 minutes.
  • Dragon’s Cocoon– You have one cocoon that can be used to hatch an unlimited amount of eggs. You can also purchase or receive from leveling up (level 5, 10, 15 and so on) a perpetual dragon’s cocoon. These cocoons can only be used 3 times before disappearing.

Level Rewards

Draconius Go Level Up Rewards are earned from Leveling your trainer, as you continue to reach higher levels you will unlock new items.

  • Apprentice Spheres
  • Master Spheres
  • Ruler’s spheres
  • Shovels
  • Doughnuts
  • Caramels
  • Marshmallows
  • Small Potions
  • Medium Potions
  • Resurrections
  • Pheromone
  • Great potions
  • Dragon’s Eyesight
  • Cocoon
  • Lure
  • Crystal
  • Ice Creams
  • double boost

Amount of rewards for each level can be found here.


Artifacts are items available in Draconius Go that can be equipped on a player character to boost gameplay. Maximum of 9 unique artifacts can be stacked at a given time.

Artifacts can be purchased via the Shop, and/or obtained via Treasure Chests.

Treasure Chests can be found around the world as you continue on your adventure. These will spawn randomly and be individual to you; two people will not see the same Treasure Chest. If you are lucky enough to come across one on your travels, simply tap on them to open them up and randomly receive EXP, in-game items, artifacts, buffs or more.

Here you will find the list of artifacts currently in the game.

Buildings in Draconius Go

There are various interactive locations dotted around the playable area:

Pillars of Abundance

Pillars of abundance are locations that reward you with various items depending on the level of your character, these items are random. (Pillars of abundance can be enchanted to give only 1 specific item.)


The altar is a structure you can install and cast magic. To cast magic you need runes.


Draconius Go Magic can be cast in the form of Recipes/Spells. Various colored runes are used to cast Recipes/Spells.

To cast any magic you need Altar and you must be level 7 to be able to install an altar. Installing an Altar will allow you to use a recipe and add runes. Runes can be added by multiple people, therefore letting all of those people reap the benefits of the spell if applicable.

All recipes are rewarded via quests, with an exception of the Gift of the Golden Dragon, which is given to you once the altar is unlocked.

More Details


Obelisks are structures that give you daily quests and the ability to start a weekly ‘Treasure Hunt’ for special rewards (more on this later). There are many types of daily quests available and can be completed for extra experience points, in-game items, spells, buffs, and other benefits.


Arenas are player-controlled areas that can store up to 10 creatures. For every 1 arena that you control you can claim 7 coins and 500 essence (a creature in an arena is worth an additional 3 coins on the first day that you collect the rewards for that arena, if it stays in the arena for longer than 21 hours it will only be worth 7 the next time you come to claim the rewards). Coins are the in-game currency used for purchasing useful items in the game and essence is a substance used to power up the creatures that you capture to make them stronger.


Libraries are like arenas, you can place creatures into them and battle over control of them, however instead of being rewarded with coins and essence you are rewarded with the ability to change the moves of one of your creatures. The more libraries you are in control of the faster the timer expires that allows you to re-train a creature. Once you have 10 creatures in libraries the timer is at its maximum countdown speed.


Portals are gateways to THE RIFT. The Rift is another dimension of this world where Crystal Type creatures can be found. This is the only place you can find this type of creatures outside of eggs/pheromones. The Rift can only be accessed via portals and is also home to the Mother of Dragons (more on her later). You can only access a small part of the rift at any one point in time and is normally across an 800m x 800m playable area although the size can vary.

Obtaining creatures


As you travel around various creatures can be found on your map when you are close enough to them, in order to interact with a creature all you have to do is tap on them. This will initiate a catch challenge where you must throw ‘Spheres’ at them for a chance at catching them.

The creatures will not go down without a fight and will jump, dodge, attack and try to avoid your throws! There are lots of different tactics and items which can be used to increase the odds of catching them. Some more powerful and rarer creatures will be more difficult to catch than others and you should take your time to avoid disappointment.

Tips for catching

Throwing ‘Twisted throws’ or ‘accurate throws’ increase the chance of catching the creature. You can attain an accurate throw by hitting the creature with your sphere within the colored circle. To throw a ‘twisted’ throw, simply use your finger to spin the sphere in any direction before releasing the ball, this will curve the ball in the air and give you a bonus should you be successful in hitting your target.

You can also use many items on the creature before throwing a ball that can affect the rewards gained upon a successful capture.

Hatching eggs

There are many different types of eggs in Draconius Go these are found randomly by interacting with the Pillars of Abundance or from a special ‘Treasure hunt’ challenge (more on this later). Types of eggs include:

  • 2km eggs
  • 5km eggs
  • 10km eggs
  • Ancient 2-hour eggs
  • Ancient 5-hour eggs
  • Ancient 10-hour eggs

List of Creatures you can hatch from different eggs

Golden Eggs (only attainable from the treasure hunt)

In order to hatch an egg, all you need to do is incubate them using the item from your inventory and walk the required distance. Once you have walked 2,5 or 10km the egg will hatch automatically.

Ancient eggs can only be hatched by THE MOTHER OF DRAGONS, she is found within THE RIFT. Some players have reported that the Mother of Dragons can only be found in SOME Rift locations, this is still under investigation. Once you have entered the rift and found The Mother of Dragons, you can interact with her and give her an ancient egg to hatch for you. This is TIME-based, depending on the type of egg you give her 2, 5 or 10-hour eggs.

Note: The Rift you find her in will not stay open forever, if you have given an ancient egg to the mother of dragons and that rift closes, the egg will stop hatching and remain at the value it reached before the rift closed. To continue to hatch the egg, simply find another portal to the rift, find the mother of dragons again and give her the egg to look after again. Repeat this process until your egg has hatched.

Battling in Draconius Go

PvP or Duel of Wizzards

Player vs Player (Duel) has only one requirement to participate, one must be a level 9 or above player. After that, just tap the Duel of Wizzards button, and you’ll be able to search for a nearby player to battle against (as long as you haven’t reached your battle limit for the day).

For those unfamiliar with Draconius GO’s battle system, controlling your creature is fairly straightforward: you swipe left or right to dodge attacks, you tap the screen to perform quick attacks (and charge your creature’s special meter), and then you use long taps to execute your creature’s special attack.

The Treasure Hunt

The treasure hunt is the only way to obtain THE GOLDEN EGGS, these are very rare and often contain very powerful creatures and if you have the time, well worth your effort to complete.

To begin a treasure hunt all you need to do is find an Obelisk in your area, swipe to the Hunt tab and find your first piece of your treasure map. There will be 9 treasure map pieces in total and each piece can be obtained by visiting a unique Obelisk in your area.

Once you have a piece of the treasure map, you can begin to hunt for your Golden Egg. The more pieces of the map you find the easier it will be to find your golden egg, however, this challenge can be quite difficult.

The map you obtain will be a birds-eye view representation of an area NEARBY where you found your FIRST map piece, after receiving data from over 40 players this map location was USUALLY within 1-2 miles of where they obtained their FIRST map piece from their FIRST obelisk, although this currently can’t be confirmed, your map could relate to a location nearer or further away, it seems to be completely random at this stage.

Two players who interact with the same Obelisk at the same time, both can receive two DIFFERENT map pieces to DIFFERENT areas. (If you and some others have the same map, the egg will always be on the same part. You can cooperate to use shovels, the more people involved, the fewer shovels required by an individual. You only have to use a shovel once on the map piece, it will either get marked that it’s not there, or you find the egg.)

Once you have obtained a few map pieces (or all of them) and have found where the map leads to in your local area you can now begin DIGGING for your Golden Egg. In order to dig for your Golden Egg, you must walk to a location on your treasure map (You will know you are in the correct area when your treasure map lights up YELLOW, so before using shovels make sure you are in right place).

Once you are happy that you are indeed in the right place, you must use an in-game item known as a SHOVEL to DIG in this location, simply select this from your items. SHOVELS are RARE items and should not be used unless you are 100% sure that you are in the right place, you can only obtain SHOVELS by leveling your character up or purchasing them using COINS. So be careful!

Once you use your shovel on a location you will either be successful in finding your Golden Egg or you will be unlucky and must continue your search in another part of the map, this will USE UP your shovel and you do not get this shovel back if you are unsuccessful in finding the egg on this occasion.

This means there is a certain element of LUCK involved in Treasure Hunting, there are 9 possible locations that your Golden Egg could be which means that you should be prepared to use up potentially 9 SHOVELS finding your Golden Egg, other players have reported finding this Golden Egg ON THEIR FIRST DIG, others on their 9th. Luck is luck.

Once you find your Golden Egg it will hatch immediately and reward you with XP, in-game items, and a very rare creature.

Treasure Chests

Treasure Chests can be found around the world as you continue on your adventure. These will spawn randomly and be individual to you, two people will not see the same Treasure Chest. If you are lucky enough to come across one on your travels, simply tap on them to open them up and receive XP, in-game items, artifacts, buffs and more. This guide does not go into detail on every in-game item, buff, and spell. I may consider writing up a guide for each of those.

Many thanks for taking the time to read this and the best of luck in your travels Draconius.

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