Draconius Go Items

Draconius Go Items

Draconius Go has a variety of Items in the game. One can obtain Items in following the way in Drconius Go:

  • Spinning the discs at Pillars of Abundance
  • Treasure Chests (they are random encounter)
  • Leveling up

To receive items from Pillars of Abundance, you need to be within a range of a Pillar of Abundance. It is the tall purple pillars you see on your map. You can not obtain Items from them if you are moving too fast or are too far away from them. So slow down, and get closer.

You start with a Bag capacity of a maximum of 200 items. However, you can increase your bag size by 50 items for 200 gold coins by buying it from the Shop.

The following guide is a BASIC quick-start guide to get you moving in Draconius Go.

List of Items in Draconius Go.


Spheres are used for catching creatures. The strength of Spheres you are able to obtain depends on your level. As you level Up better Spheres are unlocked.

Following Type of Spheres are available:

  • Apprentice Spheres
  • Master Spheres (unlock at 12)
  • Ruler’s Spheres (unlock at 20)


Treats can be feed to the creatures while catching them. They are “boosts” which help in some particular way.

Following Treats are available:

  • Arcana Caramel – A candy cane. Increases the chance of catching a creature with a magical sphere.
  • Magical Doughnut – Increases the amount of Essence you get for catching a creature.
  • Unicorn’s Marshmallow – Calms a creature down so it stops jumping and attacking.
  • Ice-Cream of Four Elements – Awards more soul-stones for capturing a creature.


Potions are used to heal or revive your creatures.

There are two types of Potions:

  • Healing Potions: They are used to heal your creature to its full health. Healing potions are of three types according to the number of health points they heal.
    • Small Healing Potion (200 HP)
    • Medium Healing Potion (500 HP)
    • Large Healing Potion (1000 HP, this is not confirmed yet)
  • Resurrecting Potion: This potion is used to revive a fainted creature.


Eggs hatch creatures. They are divided into three type:

  • Common Eggs (walk to hatch)
    • 2 km
    • 5 km
    • 10 km
  • Ancient Eggs (require Mother of Dragons to hatch over time)
    • 2 hours
    • 5 hours
    • 10 hours
  • Golden Eggs (available only from the Treasure Hunt).


Artifacts are Items that can be equipped on your trainer. They provide permanent bonuses as long as they remain equipped. Maximum of 9 Artifacts can be equipped at a time. They can be obtained from chests as random drops or can be bought from the Shop.


Runes are used to cast spells at the Altar. Each spell has different Rune requirement.

Different Runes by color (Weakest to Strongest):

  • Gray
  • Orange
  • Blue
  • Emerald
  • Red
  • Purple

Three of the same rune can be converted into one of the higher levels. Example: Convert 3 Gray into 1 Orange.


Recipes can be cast in Altar, and they cost 3 to 6 runes to cast. You are given one spell once you unlock the altar. Other spells, which can be very helpful, are unlocked via completing quests.


Pheromones attract a certain type of creatures to your location for 30 minutes.

They can be obtained in following ways:

  • Found in chests
  • Awarded for level ups
  • Bought in the Shop

The type of the creatures that spawn depends on the day of the week.


Lures are awarded from leveling up and are available in the shop for 100 coins, as well as in bundles. They attract all types (except Arcana) of creatures at a rate of 1 every 3 minutes (more information needed) and spawn a group of 5 every (unknown) minutes. Lures can’t be used on Pillars inside the Arcana rift.


Be careful with these as they are quite expensive to purchase. So you don’t want to waste any. Once you have all 9 pieces of your map. Ensure that you are in the correct area before you dig (the map in your hunt exactly matches the area you are standing on. If you look at your map it will show exactly what piece you are standing on. Use a shovel on each piece of the map (it covers an area of about 1 square km) until you find the golden egg. Tip: If you have the exact same map as a friend you can take turns using shovels

Dragon’s Cocoon

You have one cocoon that can be used to hatch an unlimited amount of eggs. You can also purchase or receive from leveling up (level 5, 10, 15 and so on) a perpetual dragon’s cocoon. These cocoons can only be used 3 times before disappearing.

Dragon’s Eyesight

Dragon’s Eyesight widens the catch area significantly, the center of the sight does not change even if you move, so the area will remain same. So moving around does not change anything. You can also interact with the creatures that you see and catch them without going close to them.

You can also pick up chests from far away, but you will still have to be near Pillars, Arenas, and Libraries to use them. Best to sit next to a Pillar or two – you will need a lot of balls! Tip: Go to a portal and activate the Dragons Eyesight. Catch everything in the Rift of Arcana, then exit the rift and catch everything you can in the normal world.

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