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Draconius Go Improvements

Draconius Go: Quest

In Draconius Go a player can obtain a Quest by visiting an Obelisk. Quests are assigned at random and there is a variety of task that...

Draconius Go: Recipes and Spells

Recipes in Draconius Go are unlockable elements used to cast spells at Altar. Recipes are received by completing quests.How to cast a Spell?Go to Magic...

Draconius Go: Max CP Rebalance

Max CP of creatures in Draconius Go has already been discovered, here is the full list of Max CP. What you might have noticed previously...

Draconius GO Types And Type Effectiveness

Draconius Go has a lot in common with Pokemon Go. A Pokemon Go player will find it easy to get started and understand the gameplay.But...

Dracnoius Go Crystal of Wisdom

Crystal of Wisdom in Draconius Go is a consumable item. When Crystal of Wisdom is used, the experience points you earn will double for every task, duration...
Niantic CEO on the Near Future of Pokémon GO

Thanksgiving 2017 update reveal, Niantic quell Harry Potter worries

Niantic has confirmed that they will be making a new Pokemon Go event and features announcement next week.The development team confirmed the news via a blog...

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