Draconius Go Altar

Draconius Go Altar

Draconius Go Altar is a place to cast Magic. It is different from other building as it is not a permanent structure in the game, player have to install Altar on the map Via the Magic option.

After installing the Altar, a player can cast spells. Player has to use Runes in order to complete recipes, which are used to cast spells. Multiple players can contribute runes to complete a recipe. This allows contributors to share the effect of the recipe, allowing players to use fewer runes individually for the same effect.

Altars cannot be installed on the Rift of Arcana. No error message will pop up, but the altar will instead appear at the same location in the Overworld.

The following guide is a BASIC quick-start guide to get you moving in Draconius Go.



Draconus Go Altar
An Altar as it appears in the game.
FunctionPlace an Altar to cast Spells.


Types of Runes available:

  • Grey Runes
  • Orange Runes
  • Blue Runes
  • Emerald Runes
  • Red Runes
  • Purple Runes

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