Draconius Go: Quest

Draconius Go: Quest

In Draconius Go a player can obtain a Quest by visiting an Obelisk. Quests are assigned at random and there is a variety of tasks that a player can get.

If a player does not want to complete a Quest, they have to wait for 24 hours before they are allowed to change the Quest.

You get a reward for finishing a quest.

Quests currently available

  • CAPTURE_ALL_IN_DUNGEON”: “Mopping up a Rift”,
  • CAPTURE_ALL_IN_DUNGEON”: “Visit the Rift of Arcana and catch all creatures you can find there”,
  • CAPTURE_LIBRARY”: “Thirst for Knowledge”,
  • CAPTURE_LIBRARY”: “Be the owner of the right number of Libraries”,
  • CAPTURE_WILD_MONSTER”: “Dragonian Park”,
  • CAPTURE_WILD_MONSTER”: “You can never have too many creatures. Travel and catch them”,
  • CAPTURE_WILD_MONSTER”: “You can never have too many creatures. Travel and catch them”,
  • CAPTURE_WILD_MONSTER_DUNGEON”: “Travel and capture creatures of Arcana Element”,
  • CAPTURE_WILD_MONSTER_EARTH”: “Travel and capture creatures of Earth Element”,
  • CAPTURE_WILD_MONSTER_FIRE”: “Travel and capture creatures of Fire Element”,
  • CAPTURE_WILD_MONSTER_WATER”: “Travel and capture creatures of Water Element”,
  • CAPTURE_WILD_MONSTER_WIND”: “Travel and capture creatures of Air Element”,
  • CHAIN_OF_STOP”: “Way of Abundance”,
  • CHAIN_OF_STOP”: “Walk along the series of Pillars of Abundance and activate them. Each next Pillar will be highlighted.”,
  • COLLECT_ARENA_TRIBUTE”: “Territory Control”,
  • COLLECT_ARENA_TRIBUTE”: “Collect taxes from the captured Arenas”,
  • FIND_DUNGEON_WITH_ROOST”: “Search for the Arcana-Born”,
  • FIND_DUNGEON_WITH_ROOST”: “Visit the Rift of Arcana to find the Mother of Dragons“,
  • OPEN_CHEST”: “Ancient Treasure”,
  • OPEN_CHEST”: “Find and open treasure chests”,
  • OPEN_EGGS”: “Egg Fever”,
  • OPEN_EGGS”: “Hatch creatures from eggs by using dragon cocoons or the Mother of Dragons”,
  • WIN_ARENA_MONSTER”: “Domination”,
  • WIN_ARENA_MONSTER”: “Defeat creatures in an Arena or Library. You cannot defeat a creature of the same type twice.”, (Training in own color arena also count).

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