Draconius Go Potions

Draconius Go Potions

Potions in Draconius Go are consumable items, which are used to restore HP or resurrect fainted creatures. They can be obtained by spinning Pillars of Abundance.

The drop rate of Potions in Draconius Go is Pretty high, so do not worry about running out of them.


Draconus Go Potion
Various potions as they appear in the game


Restore HP of Creatures


Pillar of Abundance, Treasure Chest, Level Up



Types of Potions

Healing Potions

They are used to heal or restore a creatures Hp.

There are three types of healing potions:

Icon Name HP recovered Required Level
Small Healing Potion 200 HP
Medium Healing Potion Medium Healing Potion 500 HP Lvl. 15
Great Healing Potion Great Healing Potion 1000 HP Lvl. 20

Resurrecting Potions

Resurrecting Potion can be used in order to resurrect a creature whose HP has fallen to 0 (in which case it cannot be healed with classical healing potions).

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