Draconius Go: Dragon’s Cocoon

Draconius Go Eggs cocoon

Dragon’s Cocoon is a kind of Incubator in Draconius Go, it is used to hatch eggs, the same way we use an Incubator in Pokemon Go.

Common Eggs in Draconius Go can only be hatched after they are placed in a Dragon’s Cocoon. Only one egg can be hatched at once.

Two types of Dragon’s Cocoons are available:

  • Infinite or Perpetual Dragon’s Cocoon
  • Three-time usable cocoon.

Common Eggs are also of three types based on the distance they take to hatch:

  • 2 Km
  • 5 Km
  • 10 Km

Another type of eggs in Draconius Go are Ancient Eggs, which unlike Common Eggs does not hatch in Dracon’s Cocoon but are needed to be placed in the Mother of Dragons, accessible only in the Rift.

Dragon’s Cocoon

Dragon's Cocoon


Hatches Common Eggs.


Level-up, Shop, and Infinite one is given at the beginning


150 Coins