Draconius Go Runes

Draconius Go Runes

Runes are one of the Items available in Draconius Go. Runes are used in recipes to cast a spell at an Altar.

To cast a spell player need to install an Altar, which can be done after reaching level 7.

The following guide is a BASIC quick-start guide to get you moving in Draconius Go.



Purple Runes
A Purple Rune
EffectUse to cast spells at Altar
SourceRandom encounters, Treasure Chest, Pillar of Abundance


They are of six levels represented by different color. Each one being craftable by combining 3 runes of the previous level. The level of a rune is also recognizable by its color:

IconNameCrafting Cost
Grey RunesGrey RunesN/A
Orange RunesOrange Runes3 Grey
Blue RunesBlue Runes3 Orange
Emerald RunesEmerald Runes3 Blue
Red RunesRed Runes3 Emerald
Purple RunesPurple Runes3 Red

(Most powerful Runes)


There are different kinds of recipes available, all of which has different runes requirement (Numbers and Color). It is also worth noting that once combined, they cannot be broken back to 3 runes of a lower level.

As a consequence, combining all them to stronger runes is often a bad idea, as you may need runes of lower level at some point to cast specific spells.

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