Draconius Go: Lure

Draconius Go: Lure

Lures are one of the consumable items in Draconoius Go. They can be used on the Pillar of Abundance to attract wild creatures near the Pillar.

How to use Lure

Click on a Pillar of Abundance, you want to set lure on. A banana peel button will come upon the bottom-left corner of the screen, select it and set the lure. This will attract random creatures toward the pillar for the next 30 minutes. A lure is not player specific, so if one player set up Lure, the creature will catchable for anyone around.

Lures cannot be used on pillars inside the Rift of Arcana.

Spawn Rate

1 to 5 creatures every 3 minutes. All except Arcana types Creatures spawn.


Draconius GO LURE


Attract creatures to a lured Pillar of Abundance


Level Up, Treasure Chest, Shop


62.41 – 100 coins


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