Draconius Go Eggs

Draconius Go Eggs

Eggs in Draconius go can be obtained from Pillars of Abundance. Eggs are divided into following 3 Catagories:

  • Common Eggs

    (Player need to Walk a certain distance to hatch them: 2km, 5km, 10km)

  • Ancient Eggs

    (These Eggs need to be incubated for a set Time duration: 2h, 5h, 10h)

  • Golden Eggs

    (Can only be obtained from the Treasure Hunt)

The following guide is a BASIC quick-start guide to get you moving in Draconius Go.

To hatch, a Common Eggs player needs to incubate them simply by loading them into a Dragon Cocoon and walking around. Each player is automatically given one infinite Cocoon at the start of the game. You can obtain more than 1 Cocoon, but they will e of limited type(can be used to hatch 3 Eggs)

Please submit your hatches here.

Common Egg Hatches

Below is a list of the creatures that hatch from their tiers of 2KM, 5KM and 10KM respectively. Eggs can hatch evolved versions of creatures.

 2 Km  5 Km  10 Km
Acornling Absolerm Absolerm
Bellflow Aerycorn Aerycorn
Brownie Airver Armorank
Cuticat Axolan Bajun
Dryad Basilisk Batoid
Dummyween Blaze Caesar
Earaught Caesar Charybdis
Earbat Chappian Cuticat
Eskimo Dracool Dracool
Flamy Dwantflow Dryad
Flowy Earaught Earaught
Fluffycorn Earbat Falhor
Frogissimo Earthborn Flamy
Gamayun Eskimo Flibustus
Grandalotl Falhor Frogissimo
Helsailor Flamy Genie
Incumus Genie Gryphon
Infalisk Ghostus Harpy
Jellyhat Grandalotl Inur
Kelpie Harpy Leaflet
Lavion Inur Leviathan
Leaflet Lavion Magglad
Marid Mantari Manticore
Minor Mediaquian Marid
Mymmyween Minor Mediaquian
Overaquian Mushtopia Melhor
Phoby Mymmyween Mushtopia
Plantic Needlehot Mymmyween
Rosie Parabeast Neptune
Scarecrow Phantomo Overaquian
Shamurf Pillowcat Pillowcat
Shroomy Princie Princie
Snailyn Puerogryph Puerogrpyh
Spooky Rosie Rosebud
Sprinkle Scarecrow Smoargh
Steampal Snailyn Sprinkle
Tornadus Softail Steampal
Winddance Spikeback Vampiro
Steampal Winddance

Ancient Egg Hatches

Ancient eggs are also received from the Pillar of Abundance. However, these eggs cannot be placed in a cocoon to hatch. They need to be given to a “Mother of Dragon’s”, she will keep them warm and hatch them for you. A Mother of Dragons can be found by going through a portal (not all portals contain a Mother of Dragons).

You give her either a 2 hour, 5 hour, or 10 hour egg. Once the 2, 5 or 10 hours are up the “crack the egg” screen will pop you and you can crack your egg.

The tricky part here is that the mother of dragons (and only one mother of dragons) can hatch an egg at a time for you without an upgrade. Also, if the portal moves while she is hatching your egg your egg does not go with her. It simply just stops. So to help ensure there is enough time for your egg to hatch (especially a 10 hour!), use a new portal that has just recently popped up. Or take a gamble and hope for the best.

Below are the creatures that can hatch from 2h, 5h, and 10h Ancient Eggs respectively.

2 h 5 h 10 h
Cuticat Caesar Caesar
Disguir Cheshir Dadachock
Earbat Firefly Earthborn
Eskimo Flamy Grandalotl
Flowy Lavion Hydra
Gamayun Magglad Inur
Helsailor Mediaquian Minor
Infalisk Puerolisk Neptune
Shroomy Spikeback Picaroon
Snailyn Steampal Smoargh
Spooky Uncine Sprinkle
Windance Underaquian Stormdine

Golden Egg Hatches

Golden Eggs are obtainable only by collecting all 9 Treasure Map pieces from different Obelisks and successfully locating the egg via the completed map.

Below are the most powerful creatures in Draconius Go that hatch immediately from a Golden Egg once you have dug it up in the Treasure Hunt.


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  1. Rene Kittle

    This is great information. Thank you! FYI-There doesn’t seem to be a “Cyclonia” in the bestiary. You have it listed under a 10H Ancient Egg.

    1. gaurav

      Thanks for the information. There has been some changes to bestiary recently, will update those changes now.

  2. Andy Knight

    Just hatched a Kelpie from a 5h egg.

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