Draconius Go Pillar of Abundance

Draconius Go Pillar of Abundance

Pillar of Abundance in Draconius Go is the blue pillars on the world map, and they “bloom” whenever you get close enough to interact with them. They are the most common building in Draconius Go universe.

How to interact with Pillar of Abundance

To interact with the Pillar of Abundance, a player needs to move closer to it. To Spin it for Rewards player needs to click on it.

Rewards from Pillar of Abundance are experience points and several random items. Once you spin a Pillar of Abundance you need to wait 5 minutes to spin it again(this time can be reduced using Artifacts).

The following guide is a BASIC quick-start guide to get you moving in Draconius Go.

Pillar of Abundance

Draconius Go Pillar of Abundance
FunctionCan be spun every 5 minutes to gain experience and random items
LocationOverworld, Rift of Arcana


Spinning a Pillar of abundance grants 50 experience points, as well as 1-3 random items from the following table:

ItemLevel requirement
Apprentice’s Sphere
Master’s Sphere12
Ruler’s Sphere20
Small Healing Potion
Medium Healing Potion15
Great Healing Potion25
Resurrecting Potion
Arcana Caramel3
Magical Doughnut3
Unicorn’s Marshmallow3
Ice-Cream of Four Elements10
Grey Runes
Dragon’s Eyesight

Some Buffs obtained in chests may also alter the quantity or the quality of items obtained from those pillars for a limited time.


A Pillar of Abundance can be enchanted to give a specific type of item against 300 coins. This Enchantment is permanent and to do so press the button in the bottom-right corner of the screen after having clicked on the pillar. Only the player who enchants will be able to benefit.


You can use a Lure on a pillar to attract wild creatures for 30 minutes. This is achieved by pressing the “banana peel” button in the bottom-left corner of the screen after having clicked on the pillar. All players will benefit from a lure.

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