Draconius Go Bestiary (243 Creatures)

Draconius Go Bestiary Moves Strongest

This is the full list of creatures that can be encountered in Draconius GO and registered in Bestiary. As of version 1.11, there were a total of 243 creatures in the bestiary.

Bestiary in Draconius Go is the same as Pokedex in Pokemon Go. You register all the creatures that you have seen and caught in Draconius Go in your Bestiary.

The following guide is a BASIC quick-start guide to get you moving Draconius Go.

List Of Creatures in Bestiary

#CreatureBuddyNext FormStonesEggsCP
243KingpeatEarth20 kmgold4300
242KitsunFire5 km4225
241LeviathanWater5 kmgold,10 km4200
240DandeliosaurEarth5 kmgold,10 km4100
239SeedoEarth5 kmDandeliosaur2005 km,10 km1680
238NeptuneWater5 kmgold,10 km4100
237PlesioWater5 kmgold,10 km4100
236MouseaWater5 kmPlesio2002 km,5 km,10 km1250
235MorgorothArcana5 kmgold,10 km4000
234InurArcana5 kmMorgoroth1505 km,10 km1850
233KeeperWind5 kmgold,10 km4000
232IgnisFire5 kmgold,10 km4000
231GlimpFire5 kmIgnis5002 km,5 km,10 km820
230ArmorankWater5 kmgold,10 km4000
229DionusArcana5 kmgold,10 km3900
228SilenusArcana5 kmDionus2005 km,10 km1970
227SatyrusArcana5 kmSilenus502 km,5 km,10 km950
226GarlantWind5 kmgold,10 km3900
225SlinkyWind5 kmGarlant2005 km,10 km1530
224WitchanFire5 kmgold,10 km3900
223CloakFire5 kmWitchan2005 km,10 km1620
222CutiehatFire5 kmCloak502 km,5 km,10 km680
221ManticoreArcana5 kmgold,10 km3800
220TigermantArcana5 kmManticore125gold,10 km2000
219MantikidArcana5 kmTigermant1005 km,10 km1510
218CuticatArcana5 kmMantikid502 km,5 km,10 km720
217ScyllaEarth5 kmgold,10 km3800
216CharybdisWind5 kmgold,10 km3800
215SmoarghFire5 kmgold,10 km3800
214DragotaurusEarth5 kmgold,10 km3750
213MegataurusEarth5 kmDragotaurus150gold,10 km2400
212TeenotaurEarth5 kmMegataurus1005 km,10 km1650
211MinitaurEarth5 kmTeenotaur502 km,5 km,10 km820
210CentoleonFire5 kmgold,10 km3520
209AhathulFire5 kmCentoleon100gold,10 km2050
208GathosFire5 kmAhathul505 km,10 km1580
207CurlyArcana5 kmgold,10 km3500
206TwistArcana5 kmCurly1505 km,10 km1675
205SnailynArcana5 kmTwist752 km,5 km,10 km1130
204MaggladArcana5 kmSnailyn502 km,5 km,10 km670
203PicaroonFire5 kmgold,10 km3500
202FlibustusFire5 kmPicaroon100gold,10 km2000
201NeedlehotFire5 kmFlibustus505 km,10 km1675
200BajunWind5 kmgold,10 km3350
199PillowcatWind5 kmBajun100gold,10 km2000
198CheshirWind5 kmPillowcat505 km,10 km1675
197RosebudArcana5 kmgold,10 km3300
196SharptailArcana5 kmRosebud125gold,10 km2200
195SoftailArcana5 kmSharptail1005 km,10 km1745
194RosieArcana5 kmSoftail752 km,5 km,10 km800
193YetiEarth5 kmgold,10 km3300
192WoolyEarth5 kmYeti100gold,10 km2370
191ArimaspWind5 kmgold,10 km3300
190FurglideWind5 kmArimasp100gold,10 km2200
189GlidyWind5 kmFurglide505 km,10 km1580
188FrostmaidenWater5 kmgold,10 km3300
187SnowflakeWater5 kmFrostmaiden1255 km,10 km1800
186CrausArcana5 kmgold,10 km3000
185SantusArcana5 kmCraus1255 km,10 km1850
184GrendelEarth5 kmgold,10 km3000
183TrollEarth5 kmGrendel755 km,10 km1550
182DisguirEarth5 kmTroll252 km,5 km,10 km930
181GryphonWind5 kmgold,10 km3000
180PuerogryphWind5 kmGryphon1005 km,10 km1980
179InfirdWind5 kmPuerogryph505 km,10 km1255
178SaluteFire5 kmgold,10 km3000
177BlazeFire5 kmSalute1005 km,10 km1980
176SparkFire5 kmBlaze505 km,10 km1255
175ManateecorWater5 kmgold,10 km2900
174MartigraWater5 kmManateecor1005 km,10 km1590
173SeamiantiWater5 kmMartigra502 km,5 km750
172BoogeymanArcana5 kmgold,10 km2780
171LeprechaunArcana5 kmBoogeyman125gold,10 km2100
170ClurichaunArcana5 kmLeprechaun1005 km,10 km1550
169BogyArcana5 kmClurichaun752 km,5 km1000
168YogiEarth5 kmgold,10 km2500
167DaoEarth5 kmYogi755 km,10 km1500
166PhyloEarth5 kmDao255 km,10 km1255
165RonolphWind5 kmgold,10 km2500
164TonnirWind5 kmRonolph505 km,10 km1650
163FriganWind5 kmTonnir505 km,10 km1300
162ChimeroFire5 kmgold,10 km2500
161LagartFire5 kmChimero755 km,10 km1345
160PhanticoraArcana5 kmgold2400
159PhantifurryArcana5 kmPhanticora752 km,5 km1220
158PhantyArcana5 kmPhantifurry252 km,5 km560
157SylvanEarth5 kmgold,10 km2300
156ElokoEarth5 kmSylvan1005 km,10 km1480
155BakoEarth5 kmEloko502 km,5 km730
154OwlianaWind5 kmgold,10 km2300
153OwllingWind5 kmOwliana1005 km,10 km1320
152UltrabluWind5 kmgold,10 km2250
151AquabluWind5 kmUltrablu1005 km,10 km1520
150BluWind5 kmAquablu502 km,5 km820
149StormdineWind5 kmgold,10 km2200
148UndineWind5 kmStormdine505 km,10 km1365
147HydraFire5 kmgold,10 km2200
146KiddraFire5 kmHydra505 km,10 km1365
145CrystallhatWater5 kmgold,10 km2200
144TentahatWater5 kmCrystallhat1005 km,10 km1745
143JellyhatWater5 kmTentahat502 km,5 km930
142HippoflyWind5 kmgold,10 km2150
141AerycornWind5 kmHippofly1005 km,10 km1480
140FluffycornWind5 kmAerycorn502 km,5 km670
139TempterFire5 kmgold,10 km2150
138DaemonstarFire5 kmTempter1005 km,10 km1480
137IncumusFire5 kmDaemonstar502 km,5 km670
136MelhorWater5 kmgold,10 km2150
135FalhorWater5 kmMelhor1005 km,10 km1675
134MinorWater5 kmFalhor502 km,5 km1000
133BasiliskWater5 kmgold,10 km2000
132PueroliskWater5 kmBasilisk1005 km,10 km1510
131InfaliskWater5 kmPuerolisk502 km,5 km1130
130AbsolermArcana5 km5 km,10 km1980
129AdviseArcana5 kmAbsolerm505 km,10 km1480
128MantariWater5 km5 km,10 km1980
127BatoidWater5 kmMantari505 km,10 km1480
126CrysbeeArcana5 km5 km,10 km1930
125NimbloArcana5 kmCrysbee752 km,5 km980
124LapinWind5 km5 km,10 km1910
123BunnyWind5 kmLapin502 km,5 km1110
122ConyWind5 kmBunny252 km,5 km610
121ToadyWater5 km5 km,10 km1910
120FrostyWater5 kmToady502 km,5 km1070
119DracoolArcana5 km5 km,10 km1900
118VampiroArcana5 kmDracool505 km,10 km1365
117GhostusWind5 km5 km,10 km1900
116PhantomoWind5 kmGhostus505 km,10 km1510
115SpookyWind5 kmPhantomo502 km,5 km810
114CaesarFire5 km5 km,10 km1900
113PhoenixFire5 kmCaesar505 km,10 km1510
112PhobyFire5 kmPhoenix502 km,5 km810
111DadachumWater5 km5 km,10 km1900
110DadachockWater5 kmDadachum505 km,10 km1365
109GobArcana5 km5 km,10 km1880
108ChepArcana5 kmGob502 km,5 km570
107HarpyWind5 km5 km,10 km1850
106GamayunWind5 kmHarpy502 km,5 km800
105FireflyFire5 km5 km,10 km1850
104FlamyFire5 kmFirefly502 km,5 km800
103UnderaquianWater5 km5 km,10 km1850
102MediaquianWater5 kmUnderaquian505 km,10 km1255
101OveraquianWater5 kmMediaquian252 km,5 km670
100MickFire5 km5 km,10 km1820
99HippfieFire5 kmMick752 km,5 km910
98NagaWater5 km5 km,10 km1810
97NagapetWater5 kmNaga502 km,5 km1120
96CrabossArcana5 km5 km,10 km1800
95CrabbyArcana5 kmCraboss502 km,5 km960
94ParabeastEarth5 km5 km,10 km1800
93HopbearEarth5 kmParabeast505 km,10 km1475
92AcornlingEarth5 kmHopbear252 km,5 km1130
91EarthbornEarth3 km5 km,10 km1750
90PrincieEarth3 kmEarthborn255 km,10 km1420
89MushtopiaWind3 km5 km,10 km1745
88WindanceWind3 kmMushtopia502 km,5 km1130
87ShroomyWind3 kmWindance252 km,5 km550
86IronguyFire3 km5 km,10 km1745
85HelsailorFire3 kmIronguy502 km,5 km1130
84SteampalFire3 kmHelsailor252 km,5 km550
83CostgardWater3 km5 km,10 km1730
82PeligardWater3 kmCostgard755 km,10 km1300
81LasvadorWater3 km5 km,10 km1720
80LottyWater3 kmLasvador502 km,5 km1060
79LillyWater3 kmLotty252 km,5 km680
78AlleviatorWind3 km5 km,10 km1710
77CyclodillyWind3 kmAlleviator502 km,5 km945
76TwigoEarth3 km5 km,10 km1700
75DryadEarth3 kmTwigo502 km,5 km800
74LeafletEarth3 kmDryad152 km,5 km550
73SnowcragWater3 km5 km,10 km1700
72SnowcliffWater3 kmSnowcrag502 km,5 km1070
71SnowyWater3 kmSnowcliff252 km,5 km580
70FlorantulArcana3 km5 km,10 km1640
69BlosstopusArcana3 kmFlorantul502 km,5 km620
68GardragEarth3 km5 km,10 km1630
67PlanticEarth3 kmGardrag502 km,5 km810
66FlowyEarth3 kmPlantic152 km,5 km520
65GremlerArcana3 km5 km,10 km1620
64GrempieArcana3 kmGremler502 km,5 km680
63ClawbloomEarth3 km5 km,10 km1620
62IrislynEarth3 kmClawbloom502 km,5 km780
61ChappianEarth3 km5 km,10 km1600
60BragEarth3 kmChappian255 km,10 km1365
59BrownieEarth3 kmBrag252 km,5 km670
58DwantflowEarth3 km5 km,10 km1580
57BellflowEarth3 kmDwantflow252 km,5 km1000
56DodosaurEarth3 km5 km,10 km1520
55PeagolinEarth3 kmDodosaur502 km,5 km710
54ZuzzuArcana3 km5 km,10 km1500
53ZizziArcana3 kmZuzzu502 km,5 km600
52YggyWind3 km5 km,10 km1500
51MothyWind3 kmYggy502 km,5 km710
50FrutucanEarth3 km5 km,10 km1460
49BeanieEarth3 kmFrutucan502 km,5 km680
48DivieWater3 km5 km,10 km1460
47SnorklyWater3 kmDivie252 km,5 km640
46DroutEarth3 km5 km,10 km1450
45StumpyEarth3 kmDrout502 km,5 km700
44KerberosEarth3 km5 km,10 km1450
43PugberryEarth3 kmKerberos252 km,5 km660
42HellpiepFire3 km5 km,10 km1450
41HellhoFire3 kmHellpiep752 km,5 km910
40HellkiteFire3 kmHellho252 km,5 km600
39DinottoWind3 km5 km,10 km1400
38ChamuitoWind3 kmDinotto502 km,5 km840
37HarecloudWind3 km5 km,10 km1350
36RabbyWind3 kmHarecloud252 km,5 km700
35WolfshroomArcana3 km5 km,10 km1310
34RaphyArcana3 kmWolfshroom252 km,5 km590
33KoboldFire3 km5 km,10 km1300
32GlimFire3 kmKobold502 km,5 km520
31SunguinFire3 km5 km,10 km1280
30KokosunFire3 kmSunguin252 km,5 km650
29GenieArcana3 km5 km,10 km1255
28MaridArcana3 kmGenie502 km,5 km810
27RookieArcana3 kmMarid25500
26AmphibieWater3 km2 km,5 km1040
25PhibieWater3 kmAmphibie252 km,5 km620
24ScarecrowArcana3 km2 km,5 km1000
23SpikebackArcana3 kmScarecrow252 km,5 km550
22EskimoWind3 km2 km,5 km1000
21AirverWind3 kmEskimo252 km,5 km720
20SunTziWind3 kmAirver15500
19LavionFire3 km2 km,5 km1000
18FirepawFire3 kmLavion252 km,5 km720
17PottyFire3 kmFirepaw15500
16GrandalotlArcana1 km2 km,5 km930
15AxolanArcana1 kmGrandalotl252 km,5 km520
14EaraughtWind1 km2 km,5 km930
13EarbatWind1 kmEaraught252 km,5 km520
12DummyweenFire1 km2 km,5 km930
11MymmyweenFire1 kmDummyween252 km,5 km520
10ClaumbetWind1 km2 km,5 km910
9MarshyWind1 kmClaumbet252 km,5 km620
8KelpieWater1 km2 km,5 km810
7SpiritusWater1 kmKelpie252 km,5 km550
6SprinkleWater1 km2 km,5 km800
5DribbleWater1 kmSprinkle252 km,5 km520
4ShamurfEarth1 km2 km,5 km720
3BerrydilloEarth1 kmShamurf10500
2FrogissimoWater1 km2 km,5 km720
1FrogusWater1 kmFrogissimo15500

Here is the list of all the Creatures you can hatch from Eggs in Draconius Go.

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