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Draconius Go Arena Map

Arenas in Draconius Go are building that can be captured by a player for their faction, by placing their creatures to defend the arena ownership.

An Arena will appear yellow when it is unoccupied, it will change to red or blue depending on which faction currently controls and defending it.
The following guide is a BASIC quick-start guide to get you moving in Draconius Go.


Draconius Go Arena
A neutral Arena as it appears in the game.


A place to defend and fight other players creatures. If your creature is placed in Arena, you can collect daily gold and essence.




While interacting with an arena in your range, you can:

  • place a creature inside if it is empty (yellow) or if the arena is occupied by your faction and there is room for another creature.
  • fight creatures inside (used to reinforce an arena owned by your faction or weaken one owned by the enemy faction). This puts the game in Battle mode.


Arena has a level from 1 to 10, level indicates how strong is the faction presence in this arena. This level defines how many creatures it can contain (one creature per level). By default, each player can place one creature in an arena to defend it (this limit can be raised by equipping appropriate artifacts).

By default, when a neutral arena becomes controlled, its level is 3. This happens when you place a creature in an unoccupied arena, making it instantly controlled by your faction.

Afterwards, the controlling faction can fight against creatures of its own members in order to reinforce the arena and make it gain levels (giving more creatures slots).

On the other hand, the opposing faction can fight against defending creatures in order to weaken it and make it lose levels.

If an arena drops to level 0, it becomes neutral again and can be claimed like any other neutral arena.

You can claim a maximum of 25 arenas, but you can extend this limit using artifacts.

Tax Collection

Every 21 hours you can perform a Tax Collection from Arenas rewarding you coins and essence for every creature you have still in place in an arena.

Each creature grants 7 coins, up to 10 creatures (giving a potential base daily income of 70 coins).

When you collect money from an arena for the first time each week, you earn a 3 coins bonus, giving a total of 70 + 30 = 100 coins with 10 arenas.

Having more than 10 creatures in arenas will add 3 coins to the weekly bonus.


Arena access is split into 3 Leagues:

  • Bronze (Lvl. 5 to 14)
  • Silver (Lvl. 15 to 26)
  • Gold (Lvl. 27+)

Each league is a “separate universe”, in which arena ownerships are split. In light of this, it is possible for the same arena to host two different teams simultaneously in different leagues.

When entering a new league, all of your defenders (in both arenas and libraries) will be kicked out.

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