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Draconius Go has a lot of Items, one of them is Pheromones. You start with a maximum of 200 items that can fit in your bag. Pheromone is a consumable item that attracts creatures for 30 minutes. When you use Pheromone one creature spawns every 3 minutes. It is available in the Shop for 80 coins, or in bundles (8 for 500 coins, 25 for 1250 coins).





Attracts creatures to the player’s location for 30 minutes.


Level up, Shop, Chest


50-80 coins

Pheromone spawn schedule

The following table shows which type of creature will be attracted by pheromones each day of the week. The schedule is not random and it changes every day at 12:00 (midnight) in Eastern European Time zone (UTC/GMT +2). For an explanation why see the question below.

Day of WeekElement

Evidently, Elyland is pushing Earth as the most common element in the game, therefore 3 times a week you will encounter Earth creatures when using pheromones.

What time is Pheromone spawns based on?

Pheromone spawns are based on the Eastern European Time (Ukranian time). Elyland is a Ukranian game developer, and pheromone spawns change at 12:00 (midnight) in their time.

Spawns do not change depending on your local time, they change globally when EET time zone reaches 12:00 (midnight).

The following guide is a BASIC quick-start guide to get you moving in Draconius Go.

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