Draconius Go Abilities

Draconius Go Abilities

Draconius Go have two types of Moves, Fast Moves and Charged Moves. In this guide, we will learn about types of moves (Water, Fire etc), their stats: ESP and DSP.

So what do ESP and DSP means?

DPS or Damage Per Second

It indicates how powerful and efficient the move is in terms of damage. The higher the DPS of the move is, more damage it will cause to the opponent on every hit. Higher the DPS, more powerful is the move.

EPS or Energy Per Second

It is only assigned to fast moves, and its value indicates as to how quick the fast move can fill the energy bar spent for using charge move. Higher the EPS, Charge move energy will bar will be filled up faster.

The following guide is a BASIC quick-start guide to get you moving in Draconius Go.

AbilityElementDamageTypeTimeDSPESP multi
Air Sickle Air1.12Quick1.03 s1.09 x0.82 x
Breathing Air0.53Quick0.64 s0.83 x1.09 x
Burster Air0.88Quick0.87 s1.01 x1 x
Dragon’s Sigh Air1.14Quick0.95 s1.2 x1.21 x
Electric Shock Air1.31Quick1.1 s1.19 x1.12 x
Fireball Air1.02Quick0.8 s1.27 x1.06 x
Goosebumps Air3.38Charge2.5 s1.35 x0 x
Lightning Air1.22Charge1.8 s0.68 x0 x
Rage of Wind Air0.98Quick0.57 s1.72 x0.99 x
Recharging Air1.57Charge1.8 s0.87 x0 x
Roar of Wind Air2.42Charge2.2 s1.1 x0 x
Roundabout Air4.25Charge2.5 s1.7 x0 x
Shock Therapy Air0.85Quick0.61 s1.39 x0.9 x
Storm Air2.50Charge2.5 s1 x0 x
Thunder Air1.65Charge2.2 s0.75 x0 x
Tornado Air1.89Charge1.8 s1.05 x0 x
Waft Air1.31Quick0.92 s1.42 x1.07 x
X-Rays Air2.07Charge2.2 s0.94 x0 x
Arrow of Arcana Arcana0.86Quick1.05 s0.82 x1.11 x
Atomization Arcana1.22Charge1.8 s0.68 x0 x
Banishment Arcana1.91Charge2.2 s0.87 x0 x
Cadaur’s Arcana Arcana1.46Quick1.03 s1.42 x1.05 x
Clot of Darkness Arcana0.84Quick0.78 s1.08 x0.81 x
Cruciarcus Arcana1.37Quick0.8 s1.71 x1.01 x
Curse Arcana2.35Charge2.5 s0.94 x0 x
Disintegration Arcana1.65Charge2.2 s0.75 x0 x
Excluding Arcana3.38Charge2.5 s1.35 x0 x
Eye of Horror Arcana1.52Quick1.09 s1.39 x0.93 x
Impericanus Arcana0.84Quick0.7 s1.2 x1.25 x
Ionization Arcana2.50Charge2.5 s1 x0 x
Magical Tempest Arcana1.89Charge1.8 s1.05 x0 x
Manastorm Arcana2.42Charge2.2 s1.1 x0 x
Sphere of Darkness Arcana0.85Quick0.65 s1.31 x1.08 x
Sphere of Peril Arcana1.00Quick0.83 s1.2 x1.15 x
Tentacle of Evil Arcana0.49Quick0.5 s0.98 x1.05 x
Wrath of Arcana Arcana4.25Charge2.5 s1.7 x0 x
Acid Earth4.25Charge2.5 s1.7 x0 x
Crash Earth1.57Charge1.8 s0.87 x0 x
Explosion Earth2.07Charge2.2 s0.94 x0 x
Lake of Death Earth1.89Charge1.8 s1.05 x0 x
Nature’s Shadow Earth1.01Quick0.7 s1.45 x1.09 x
Pebble Earth0.92Quick0.7 s1.31 x1.02 x
Poisoning Earth0.58Quick0.7 s0.83 x1.1 x
Poisonous Puddle Earth2.42Charge2.2 s1.1 x0 x
Poisonous Spit Earth1.09Quick1.1 s0.99 x1.02 x
Rift Earth2.50Charge2.5 s1 x0 x
Rock Earth1.22Quick0.86 s1.42 x0.88 x
Rumble Earth1.22Charge1.8 s0.68 x0 x
Shaking Earth1.65Charge2.2 s0.75 x0 x
Snake’s Tooth Earth1.01Quick0.91 s1.11 x0.86 x
Spine Breaker Earth1.22Quick1.02 s1.2 x1.14 x
Spirit of Forest Earth1.28Quick1.07 s1.2 x1.2 x
Swirl of Stones Earth3.38Charge2.5 s1.35 x0 x
Tree Ghost Earth1.45Quick0.85 s1.71 x0.97 x
Armageddon Fire4.25Charge2.5 s1.7 x0 x
Ascension Fire1.65Charge2.2 s0.75 x0 x
Cinderer Fire1.26Quick0.91 s1.39 x0.92 x
Coal Fire1.41Quick1.01 s1.4 x1.06 x
Dynocide Fire2.42Charge2.2 s1.1 x0 x
Finger of Fire Fire0.86Quick0.79 s1.09 x0.83 x
Fire Sphere Fire1.33Quick1.04 s1.28 x1.05 x
Fire Thrower Fire1.04Quick0.84 s1.24 x1.23 x
Fire Whip Fire0.46Quick0.55 s0.83 x1.07 x
Fountain of Fire Fire3.38Charge2.5 s1.35 x0 x
Lava Fire2.07Charge2.2 s0.94 x0 x
Living Flame Fire1.00Quick0.98 s1.02 x1 x
Meteors Fire1.89Charge1.8 s1.05 x0 x
Napalm Fire1.57Charge1.8 s0.87 x0 x
Purification Fire1.22Charge1.8 s0.68 x0 x
Scorching Fire2.50Charge2.5 s1 x0 x
Shooting Fire0.85Quick0.5 s1.7 x1.01 x
Star Fire0.79Quick0.66 s1.2 x1.14 x
Blizzard Water2.07Charge2.2 s0.94 x0 x
Cold Fury Water1.89Charge1.8 s1.05 x0 x
Crystallization Water2.50Charge2.5 s1 x0 x
Freezing Water1.65Charge2.2 s0.75 x0 x
Glaciation Water1.22Charge1.8 s0.68 x0 x
Horror from the Depths Water0.69Quick0.81 s0.85 x1.1 x
Hot Spring Water1.10Quick0.91 s1.21 x1.23 x
Icy Blast Water2.42Charge2.2 s1.1 x0 x
Katulu’s Call Water0.63Quick0.63 s1 x1.02 x
Power of Ice Water4.25Charge2.5 s1.7 x0 x
Rainfall Water1.78Quick1.05 s1.7 x1 x
Sea Hammer Water1.39Quick0.99 s1.4 x0.9 x
Shark’s Bite Water1.08Quick0.98 s1.1 x0.83 x
Splash Water0.99Quick0.69 s1.43 x1.07 x
Tsunami Water3.38Charge2.5 s1.35 x0 x
Water Fist Water1.04Quick0.87 s1.2 x1.15 x
Wave Water0.94Quick0.72 s1.3 x1.05 x
Whirlwind Water1.57Charge1.8 s0.87 x0 x

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