Pokemon GO New Gym Features

Pokemon GO Gym rework update has brought a lot of changes to the Gym system inside Pokemon GO, making them more competitive, interactive and engaging.

This page lists the most important updates and how they work.

New Features

Gyms now drop items

Gyms are now similar to PokeStops, as you can Spin the Gym Photo Disc to acquire items. Gym drops are the same as PokeStop drops, so in essence, Gyms are now PokeStops also, making it far more lucrative to hang around Gyms than to hang around PokeStops. Your Gym Spins count towards your N-th day streak!

Gyms are no longer based around prestige

It seems that players discontent for the Prestige system has been heard by Niantic, as gyms are no longer based around it. Here’s what new:

  • Gyms now feature only 6 permanent slots that can be filled.
  • Pokémon inside the Gym must be unique, for example, only one Blissey can be assigned to a gym at a time.
  • Pokémon inside the Gym are sorted in the order they were placed inside the Gym, not sorted by Combat Power.

Coins are determined by defender duration

Niantic confirmed the following: a Pokemon will earn PokeCoins based on how long it defends a Gym. Once its motivation meter is empty and it’s defeated in battle, it will return to its Trainer and come back with PokeCoins.

  • You can redeem a maximum bonus of 100 PokeCoins per day. If you have more than one Pokemon return from Gyms in a single day, the maximum bonus for the day is still limited to 100 PokeCoins.

Gym motivation system

New Gym UI
Pokemon inside the gym will get fatigued over time and lose motivation, making their Combat Power lower as their motivation goes down. When a Pokemon is placed in a Gym, a motivation meter will be displayed, indicating how high or love it’s motivation is.

Pokemon lose motivation over time and by losing battles, and regain motivation by eating Berries. You can feed only your Team’s Pokemon.

If a Pokémon loses all motivation, it will leave the Gym and return to its Trainer the next time it loses a battle, so you’ll want to keep your team’s Pokémon motivated by giving them Berries frequently!

New Gym UI Video

Not to forget, Gyms now feature a sleek new UI showing off Niantic’s technical proves and how much the game has improved over the last 12 months.

In addition to the new features listed above, Gym battles now reward Gym Badges and serve as Raid Arenas for Pokémon Raids. More on those features in their respectable guides.

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