Raid Pass – Types and Usage

Raid Pass – Types and Usage

The Latest feature in Pokemon GO needs a Raid Pass to join a Raid. Two types of Raid pass are available Free and Premium. The only difference in Free and Premium pass is that a Free Raid Pass is obtainable by spinning the Photo Disc at a Gym, while the Premium Raid Pass is purchasable in the Shop.

Both Passes work the same, however, the Free Pass comes with several limitations discussed below.

Pokemon GO Raid Pass
IconFree Raid PassPremium Raid Pass
NameFree Raid PassPremium Raid Pass
RequirementNo level requirement
Available fromSpinning GymsIn the in-game shop
PriceFree100 PokeCoins
LimitationsUsable once per dayUsable multiple times a day
Inventory limitYou can hold only 1 Free Raid Pass at a time

How Raid Pass work?

How Pokemon GO Raid Passes workTo join in a raid battle Raid pass is used to enter the lobby of the Gym. Once you enter the lobby Raid pass is consumed, you can fight the Raid boss or leave.

After entering the lobby, you will be able to see how else is fighting the that Raid with you. Free pass can be used once a day and you can not hold more than one pass at a time.

You need to buy Premium pass to fight more than one Raid in a day.

Other Details

How many times can I raid per day?

Trainers can raid as much as they want but have to buy Premium Raid Passes for that. As only 1 Free pass can be obtained each day.

Can I use a same Raid Pass on multiple raids?
No, you can not. Once used, a Raid Pass disappears and the Raid for which it was used becomes available. If you don’t manage to defeat the Raid Boss inside the 2 hour period after the raid has started, you have essentially wasted your Raid Pass.

Do I get my Raid Pass back if we don’t defeat the Raid Boss?
No, you don’t. Once used, the Raid Pass is gone. The outcome of the raid is not important: whether you defeat or you don’t defeat the raid boss, your Raid Pass is gone.

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