Pokemon GO Gym Badges

Pokemon GO Gym Badges

Hand in hand with the new Gym Update, a new set of features and medals has been introduced. Pokemon GO Gym Badges are now rewarded for Trainers participating in Gym Battles all across the world and offer an unique challenge we haven’t seen before.

You are now able to obtain Gym Badges when fighting in Gyms all across the world. Gym Badges are reminders of the Gyms you fought in and they provide some solid improvements to Gym Drops and Bonuses.

Quick facts

  • Each gym has it’s own badge
  • Badges work as reputation in regards to that specific gym
  • Feeding and battling at the Gym will progress your Badge
  • Higher Badge rank gives better drops at that Gym
  • Gyms now act as local engagement hubs

Gym badges screen enables the following:

  • Viewing where you have Pokémon deployed
  • Viewing the time for how long that Pokémon has been deployed
  • Leveling up and training the Badges for increased item drop rewards
  • Becoming the local hero and building a local community

Gym stats and Gym Badge level

You can track the following stats for every Badge you have using the Gym Badges screen:

  • Gym Badge Rank
  • Pokémon Battles Won
  • Berries Feed at the Gym
  • Total Time defending

The screen also displays the Pokémon that is deployed at the Gym and the Badge features several colored frames, depending on your Gym Badge Rank:

  • basic, 
  • bronze,
  • silver and 
  • gold.

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