Legendary Raid Battles

Legendary Raid Battles

Pokemon GO Legendary Raid Battles have been datamined, shedding light on how the new Raid system will be used for Legendary Battles. To participate in a Leg. Battle, you need to have a special Legendary Pass, similar to other Raid Passes, but awarded only to exceptional players around the world.

Legendary Battles feature same boss-scaling mechanic that is used in other Raid Battles, however, the Combat Power and Stat multipliers are different.

Before a Legendary Raid begins, a special Legendary Egg will appear on the map and nearby trainers will receive a Legendary notification.

Legendary Egg

Legendary Raid Battles work almost the same as normal Raid Battles in Pokemon GO, following the same rules and limitations.

Legendary Egg


Legendary Raid Pass

Free Raid Pass

In order to participate in Legendary Raid Battles, a Pokemon GO trainer must obtain a Legendary Raid Pass. These special Raid Passes are awarded to high-level players who have already participated in hundreds of Raid Battles.

Niantic has confirmed that these Passes will be given only to “those who were very active in the gym system to give them a chance at catching legendary Pokemon at a later date.”

It’s expected that the Legendary Raid pass will feature different mechanics than the ordinary Raid Passes. For now, it’s confirmed that it won’t count towards the 1-Raid-Pass-in-inventory limit.

Legendary Badges

Trainers who get the opportunity to participate in Legendary Raid Battles will have the privilege of obtaining a special badge that shows how many Legendary Battles you have won.

Legendary Battles Won Badge
Legendary Battles Won Badge

The badge comes in three levels: bronze, silver and gold. The exact numbers are not yet known, but we expect them to be rather low (1 for Bronze, 5 for Silver, 10 for Gold).

Please note that the badge is for Battles Won and not for Legendaries captured. It’s likely that you will have to battle a Legendary Pokémon several times before capturing it successfully.

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