Premier Ball

Premier Ball

A Pokemon GO Premier Ball is awarded for participating in Pokemon GO Raids and used in order to capture the Raid Boss after a successful raid. The amount of Premier Balls awarded depends on how well you fought and several other factors.

Premier Balls, unlike other Poke Balls in Pokemon GO, disappear after the Raid Capture encounter ends.

Pokemon GO Premier Ball
IconPokemon GO Premier Ball
NamePremier Ball
RequirementNo level requirement
Available fromRaid Battles
Drop Chance? %
EffectsPremier Ball only drops in Raid Battles. Premier Ball is used to capture Raid Bosses and then disappears. They can’t drop outside Raids.
Item ID5
Item CategoryPokeBall
Drop number?

Premier Balls FAQ

What is the Premier Ball catch chance (rate)?
The catch chance for Premier Balls hasn’t been shared yet. We expect the chance to be somewhere between Poke Ball and Great Ball, as you do get a limited amount of them (5-10 if you’re really good).

In addition, the official description of Premier Ball says the following: it has the same catch rate as a regular Poké Ball, but “it looks cooler”

Do I have to use Premier Balls in Catching the Raid Boss
Yes, you have to. Not only that, Premier balls are the only ball type you are able to use while capturing a Raid Boss. Your other Pokeball are not available.

How many Premier Balls do I get? 
The exact amount is not yet known, but the official support page says “You’ll also receive a number of Premier Balls used for catching the Raid Boss”. According to that same page, a few factors influences the loot you get from Raid Battles:

  • Your battle performance
  • Your team’s battle performance
  • Level of your Gym Badge for the Gym where a Raid is taking place
  • If you’re part of the team who controls the gym, you get extra loot

What happens if I run out of Premier Balls? 
The boss will run away. Simple as that, you can’t restock with Premier Balls from the Raid Capture screen, so if you fail to catch the Boss Pokemon, he will flee.

Can I use my own Berries with Premier Balls?  
Yes, you can, and you probably should, as that’s the only way to increase your chances to catch the Boss Pokemon.

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