Type Effectiveness has changed

Type Effectiveness has changed

The latest GAME_MASTER also contained the new Type Effectiveness values for type advantages and disadvantages, but also a new value for STAB! These changes are amazing additions to the game as they will shake up all of the currently available Tier Lists and ranking charts.

In short, this is what changed:

  • Super Effective increased from 1.25x to 1.4x
    • Double Super Effective moves now deal 1.96x more damage
  • Not Very Effective changed from .8x to .714x
    • Double Not Very Effective moves now deal only .51x damage
  • Other
    • STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus) reduced from 1.25 to 1.2

So, what does this change?

Put simply, we’re about to enter a new era of Gym combat and Strategy. For example, Pokémon movesets are now the most important factor when building your team. You want good move type coverage in order to counter Defenders.

STAB is no longer that important, as it’s bonus was only reduced by .5x. Countering defenders’ type is now the king of every Gym strategy, similar to how it is in core Pokémon games.

Although SE and 2xSE moves are king, STAB has it’s place also now, like a cherry on top of a good moveset:

  • STAB + Super Effective: 1.68
  • Double Super Effective: 1.96
  • STAB + Double Super Effective: 2.352

Additionally, a number of high Tier Defenders such as Dragonite, Rhydon and Gyarados will drop a number of spots on ranking charts, due to their double weaknesses.

Pokemon with access to FIGHTING moves now become primary TyranitarBlissey and Snorlax counters. Your Counter / Dynamic Punch Machamp will pick up his boxing belt once again, walking proudly into the arena.

And that’s just the beginning, as Niantic has brought the Pokemon GO meta one step closer to the core game series. Sure, the underlying tap-swipe-dodge mechanic is still the same as 12 months ago, however, the strategy has changed dramatically now.

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