Golden Razz Berry – Every thing you need to know

Golden Razz Berry – Every thing you need to know

Pokemon GO have been updated and it bring new features like Raid Battles, new Gym battle mechanics and a lot of new items. One of them is Golden Razz Berry which is a special variant of the commonly known Razz Berry.

Can be used as:

  • Restoring a Gym Defender’s motivation meter. Defender’s motivation is fully restored.
  • It also increase chance of capturing a wild Pokemon drastically.

How can you obtain Golden Razz Berries?

It drop in Raid Battles. Other drops include Technical Machines and Rare Candy.

Pokemon GO Golden Razz Berry
IconGolden Razz Berry
NameGolden Razz Berry
RequirementTrainer Level 10
Available fromRaid Battles
EffectsRestore a Gym Defender’s Motivation Metter
Increase the capture chance of a wild Pokémon by 25%

Golden Razz Berry Role and Usage

As you advance through Raid Battles, you will get the chance to obtain Golden Razz Berries, a special kind of berries that can fully heal your Defenders’ motivation meter.

However, Golden Razz Berries are one of the less important additions in this update, as you can achieve the same net effect by using other berries, but it takes more time and resources.

Golden Razz is comparable to Max Revive and Max Potion, as it performs the same task as other lower tiered Berries, but it does it more effectively.

Things related to Golden Razz Berry

What is the drop chance of Golden Razz Berries? 
The drop chance for Golden Razz Berries is not yet known. It’s also not known if it’s a guaranteed drop or not, but most likely not.

Does feeding Pokémon give Stardust? 
Yes, it does! Although this is not specific to the Golden Razz Berry, feeding a Pokémon that is currently defending a Gym will reward you with Stardust.

How effective is the Golden Razz Berry? 
It’s super effective! Jokes aside, Golden Razz is the strongest berry you can use in terms of increasing your Capture chances. Combining the Golden Razz with Curved Great/Excellent catches increases your Capture chance dramatically.

Should I save Golden Razz for capturing or for Gyms?
Ultimately, this will depend on your play style, but our suggestion is to burn through lower tier berries in Gyms first and keep Golden Razz for special occasions.

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