Jurassic World Alive Tier List (2.19 – Nov 2022)

Jurassic World Alive Dinosaurs Ratings and Tiers

Dinosaurs in Jurassic World Alive are officially divided into five tiers and with changing tiers spawn rate and strength of the dinosaurs change. This JWA tier list has been updated and contains new dinos released in update 2.19.

Jurassic World Alive Tier List 2.19 has been updated till Nov 2022. JWA Tier List has divided the dinos into multiple tiers, based on their usefulness in battles.

JWA Tier List

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Tier List Explanation


Albertocevia is the best creature released till now in JWA. Albertocevia has speed, bulk, high attack, a Precise Group Attack on a swap that also heals, Instant Ferocious Impact, Precise Rampage that can also be a Group Precise Rampage on revenge with just 1 turn cooldown, Revenge Distraction move that can act as a Rampage while reducing Damage 100% for two turns and finally resistance to most things.

Ankylos Lux just missed High Tyrant. While it is easily the king of Mid Tyrant, it still runs into issues with these new Fierce. Thylaconyx for example kind of wrecks it hard. Mortem Rex can also give it a lot of trouble. However, the biggest issue comes with Imperatosuchus. Imperatosuchus can easily swap in on Ankylos Lux and exploit that lack of a Stun Resistance. We felt you shouldn’t be able to swap on a high tyrant and shut it down every time, so we dropped Ankylos Lux.

Hydra Boa is a creature that is beginning to make an appearance in the meta. With possibly the best on-escape move in the game and a ferocity counter, this is something you do not want to swap on. And with not one, but two instant attacks, it is hard to get the jump on this snake. It does run into some issues like a poor turn 1, but no creature wants to run into a swapper on this.

Phorurex. The best revenge killer in the game. It has high base damage combined with priority rampage and prevents swapping. Phorurex can easily achieve 6000 damage (boosted) with priority and distraction. It also has lethal rampage and runs, which can shatter shields, bypass armor, and inflict bleeding.

Skoonasaurus has just pure brute force. Just add 20 attack boosts to it and to others. Skoonasaurus has decelerating rampage, a distracting impact, a resilient strike, invincibility, and a full decelerating counter. It can dash out major damage while taking multiple hits.

Antarctovenator has more options than most creatures in the game. It can deal with bulky tanks like Mammolania or Testacornibus with ferocity and definite rampage, it can play defense with cunning strike combined with the null counter, it can be a setup creature with vulnerability impact, it can be used as a swapper, or as a revenge killer with revenge definite rampage. And combined with its immunities and resistance, it is worthy of a tyrant.

Gorgotrebax is one of the best apexes around. It has good stats, great defensive bulk with the moveset, good multipliers, and great revenge capabilities. It’s got a good get-off-me with instant group distraction.

Indotaurus is just a solid creature. With good stats, a scary moveset, and great options, it easily earns the title of a tyrant. There aren’t many things keeping it back other than a lack of stun immunity for example.

Monolorhino has been the only creature since 2.0 to remain in Tyrant, and while it has had some rough patches, it still is a creature worthy of any team. It has probably the best swap-in move in the game, great resistance, good bulk, decent offense, and good synergy.

Parasauthops is the newest swapper in town and if there’s one creature that really doesn’t want to go down, it’s this one. With two healing moves,  counter-power heal, resilient rampage, high attack, a swap move, good hp, and a group attack, it can stick around for a long time.

Scorpios Rex gen 3 is a creature that is able to repress so many creatures thanks to its signature move: toxic quills. That, paired with the swap in ambush, makes so many creatures like Trykosaurus or Diorajasaur almost irrelevant.

Spinoconstrictor is now a major threat in the meta thanks to its defensive build and all its bleeding abilities. Not only that, but it has great offense with precise rampage. And with its on-escape, it can really deter any swapper.

Testacornibus. Ludia has been hitting Testacornibus pretty hard over the last few patches with many nerfs, and yet it’s still up here. It’s a great tank with good offense and great defense. It can heal with dig-in, hit hard with devastation and superior vulnerability, or use the superior vulnerability to set up other creatures for a potential sweeper. The reason why it dropped was the counter-power heal nerf had some noticeable effects on Testacornibus.

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  1. JTK

    where is Rexy ???

    1. Was not sure about its placement but have now updated it.

  2. Anonymous

    @JTK, and giganotausaurus et giganyx ???

    1. The tier list has been updated to include giganotausaurus, giganyx and rexy

  3. Halzinky

    wheres the lystro’s and lystrosuchus

  4. LazyDinosSilesia

    Why compsocaulus so low ?

  5. Dinojunky

    Hey mates, there is a new patch. How long does it take to upgrade the list? I rely appreciate to have a fresh list soon. Good work so far between.

    1. Updated till 2.18, now working on 2.19

  6. Anonymous

    Can you get new updates dinos tiers in?

    1. Working on it.

  7. Anonymous

    Where is lystrosuchus

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