Draconius Go: Summer is time for new discoveries!

Draconius Go: Summer is time for new discoveries!

In summer, the fauna of the world of dragons loses caution, which enables rangers to make unique discoveries. This is how a new unusual family has been discovered, which has been successfully hiding from our eyes until now.

Its representatives belong to different elements, but they have much in common in their appearance and combat characteristics – dodginess and secrecy make them especially survivable.

Unfortunately, the strongest species hasn’t been found yet, so we know about it only from the legends. But our embryologists who are studying a rare type of eggs, assure that they are already close to success …

Before the discussion of the new family had time to subside, geneticists announced even more sensational news! They have started discovering specimens with an unusual mutation in some well studied species.

Scientists have named them “purebred”. You can easily distinguish them by their unusual appearance and increased combat abilities. And, of course, owning such a specimen will increase your position in the collector’s rating.

We wish you a successful hunt!

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