Draconius Go: Mother of Dragons

Draconius Go Mother of Dragons

To find The Mother of Dragons in Draconus Go, one needs to enter a Rift. A Rift is a different dimension, where different creature spawns and Mother of Dragons also resides there.

How to Enter a Rift?

To enter a Rift, you need to find a Portal (The big blue structure). A portal appears at different places and they disappear after some time, but they keep on reappearing at the same place from time to time.

Mother of Dragons in Draconius Go

Once you enter a Rift through a Portal, Mother of Dragon (MoD) is generally easy to find. But she is not present in every Rift (according to players report the probability of finding her in a Rift is 25%). Mother of Dragons keep moving between Rifts, so if a Rift previously had a MoD, next time it might not.

It’s not a guarantee that you see if the rift has a MoD when entering a portal. If it’s a big rift area you need to walk closer to the edge and find out.

When interacting with the MoD you can place an ancient egg in one of her cocoons. The ancient egg hatches are based on time. There are 2, 5 and 10 hour eggs. To be able to place another egg at the same time you need to have purchased the artifact Dragon’s Heart. To place eggs in all three you also need to be equipped with a full set of artifacts. You cannot place an egg at a different MoD while another one’s hatching an egg for you.

Oficial Support reply:

“Please, note that Dragon’s Heart gives you a possibility to give to the Mother of Dragons 2 eggs instead of 1. You can not apply 2 of them simultaneously. If you want to give to the Mother of Dragons 3 eggs, you have to wear 9 different artifacts. You can replace artifacts if you want.”

If the portal closes and disappears before the hatch is finished the timer will stop and continue the next time you place it in a cocoon.

The following guide is a BASIC quick-start guide to get you moving in Draconius Go

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