Jurassic World Alive: Stats and Arena Battle Guide

Jurassic World Alive Stats and Arena Battle Guide

Battle in Jurassic World Alive happens in Arenas, where players fight against each other in a turn-based battle system. A payer can choose a team of 8 Dinosaurs, which can be found under My Team tab.

While selecting the team players have to understand how good a dino is in terms of battling, which is determined by its base stats like damage an attack does, heath and speed of the dino.

All of us wants to win battles in Arenas, so understanding the base stats of Jurassic World Alive is important. Only after one has knowledge of base stats, proper strategy to win can be made.

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Base stats in Jurassic World Alive

  • Health – This is the HP of a dinosaur, it is species-specific. Can be increased by evolving/leveling up. Higher the HP more damage a dino can take.
  • Damage – Base damage a dinosaur deals when attacking. Can be increased by evolving/leveling up.
  • Speed – Speed determines who will attack first in battle, dino with higher speed attacks first. It does not change when evolving a dino.
  • Defense – Defense helps dinosaurs to take less damage for an attack and does not change when evolving.

Other things that important in Arena battle are moves of the Dinosaurs.

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Stats analysis

We already discussed that only health and damage increased when a dinosaur is evolved, its speed and defense remain same.

So how much health and damage are increased by evolving a dino?

When a dino is evolved its health and damage both increase by 5% per evolution. Level of the dino when evolving does not have any effect on the increase rate.

Now as we have gone through the basics, let’s move on to battling mechanics in Jurassic World Alive.

When can a player access battles in Jurassic World Alive?

Players can participate in Arena battles only after they have created 4 Dinosaurs.

Unlike Pokemon Go battling in JWA is more complex, fun and entertaining as it requires way more planning than simply tap and dodge.

JWA has a more in-depth turn-based gameplay in which players take the time to think about it and make strategies to fight and win.

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What is the Battle/Arena Mode?

This feature basically allows you to compete with other people by having your Dinosaurs fight against theirs! Isn’t it every kid’s dream?

The goal is to be the first to defeat three Dinosaurs from the opponent’s team. To do so, the game will randomly select four Dinos from your “My Team” which consists of eight Dinos that you selected yourself in your Lab. Once the game has found an opponent for you, the game randomly selects four Dinos for you, you select which Dino you want to start with, and the fight to the death begins!

As previously stated, this feature is a turn-based mode, where contenders select an attack from the pool of available attacks of their Dinos; and turn by turn Dinosaurs will attack.

Getting into Arena battle

The first requirement as stated above to enter into battle mode is to have a minimum of four Dinosaurs, as in battle a player is randomly given a 4 Dino’s team to use in battle.

To enter a battle player does not have to go to any specific location, it is done remotely, so can be accessed even when you are sitting on your couch.

Battling or Dino Stats

We have already discussed the basic stats of Dino’s, but you’ll also encounter a lot of other terms or stats while fighting in Arena.

  • Speed Effect
    We have already discussed Speed in basic stats and the fact that it does not change, but some attacks have an effect on speed. Some attacks reduce opponent’s Dino’s speed by 50% or 90% and some increase your dino attack speed. These attacks can be used to counter high-speed dinos.
  • Shield
    Sheild, as the name suggests, will protect your dino from damage i.e. reduce the damage taken when attacked. There are to type of Sheilds in JWA – the first type of Shields will engage based on the Dinos’ Speed stats, stay for two turns and block a certain amount of damage; while the second type (Instant Invincibility) will engage first, stay for one attack and block the complete damage input.
  • Stun
    It stuns the opponent for a turn. If your dino attacks first then the opponent’s dino will be stunned for the current turn and won’t attack and if it has already attacked it won’t attack in the following turn or it will skip the next turn (only your dino will attack in that turn).
  • Critical Hit
    It increases the damage output of the attacks, some attacks increase then changes of an attack being a Critical hit.
  • Counter-Attack
    Some dinos have this ability and it activates every time you attack them. Damage altering stat effects (e.g. Crit up, Attack up or down, opposing dinosaur’s shield and armour) affects the damage of Counter-Attack as if it were just a x1 attack. The ONLY situations wherein Counter-Attack does not trigger in an attack is if you Stun the opponent or the attack causes a fatality.
  • Vulnerable
    A vulnerable dinosaur takes 25% increased damage. This does not include damage by Damage over time.
  • Immunity
    Immunity Dinos are immune to all and any debuffs placed on them. You cannot decrease their attack, their speed, their critical hit chance. You also cannot stun them nor remove their buffs via nullifying strikes.
  • Cooldown
    Every attack has a cooldown, varying from 0 to 3 turns.

Battle Rewards

Then a player wins a battle they are rewarded with:

  • Incubators, and
  • Coins

As a increases their rank and move up in the battle arena, they get better rewards.

The Incubator’s rewards are based on your rank in the Battle Mode:

  • Training Grounds: Unlocked at 0 trophies
  • Fallen Kingdom: Unlocked at 60 trophies
  • Mt. Sibo: Unlocked at 500 trophies
  • S.S. Arcadia: Unlocked at 1000 trophies
  • Nublar Jungle: Unlocked at 1500 trophies
  • Badlands: Unlocked at 2000 trophies
  • Lockdown: Unlocked at 2500 trophies

There are 5 types of Arena Incubators:

  • 15 minutes
  • 3 hours
  • 8 hours
  • 12 hours (only rewards Rare Dinos’ DNAs)
  • 24 hours (has a small possibility of rewarding Legendary Dinos’ DNAs)

Incubator Rewards

  • Coins
  • Darts
  • Batteries
  • DNA from Common, Rare, Epic, and or Legendary Dinosaurs.

Rewards from longer time incubators are better.

Battle and Arena Tips

Here are some tips that will help you battle better in Arenas:

  • Do not switch your dino in battle unless it’s absolutely necessary. If you switch a dino your opponent gets to attack the new dino and to switch is counted as an attack, so your dino does not attack that turn.
  • Do not waste your special attacks, plan before using them. For example, if opponents dino has low HP and can be killed by a normal attack, then save your special attack for the next dino.
  • Select your team with dinos that have different skills, over-reliance on one skill is not good and you will lose too often. If four dinosaurs can break shields, that’s just too much. Pay attention to a good balance!
  • The speed of a dinosaur is really important as the dinosaur with higher speed attacks first. This can be a very critical factor between a win and a loss.
  • You can long press your attacks to see how much damage they will do, but keep in mind that opponents dino can have armor and damage taken will be reduced.
  • Always tap on the opponent’s dinosaurs and understand its stats and attack and plan accordingly.

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