Jurassic World Alive: Beginners Guide and Tips

Jurassic World Alive: Beginners Guide and Tips

Jurassic World Alive is a new game by Universal Studios and developer Ludia Inc which brings our favorite Dinosaurs to the real world using AR technology. Jurassic World Alive is similar to Pokemon Go in some ways but has a lot of things different also, so if you are starting new this guide will help you get started in the game.

Getting Started

Once a player is done with the sign sign-up, they will notice that on the outlook it like any other AR game, with a map on which there are pillars as supply drop box and dinosaurs all around them scattered randomly. But this is where the similarity ends with Pokemon Go, players do not catch the Dinosaurs but collect their DNA using a drone which is used to target and the Dinosaurs with darts.

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How to start:

  • A player gets to choose a starting Dinosaurs, which does not have any importance it the latter game to pick at random.
  • Once you select a Dinosaurs, a drone will be launched which is used to target and hit darts at the dinos. You have to aim and hit the target on the dino, more accurate you are more DNA you collect.
  • You can play this game sitting on your couch as dinosaurs within 500 feet. But there is a catch, your drone has a battery which is used to reach the dinosaurs and then catch it. So, if the dinosaurs are ways from you, you will get less battery or less time to collect the DNA. So it better to get up and move around.
  • Your encounter does not start until you shoot your first darts, so take your time and collect maximum DNA with your first dart.
  • After the first hit the dino will start to move around and as to go on collecting DNA its speed and randomness of movement will increase. While aiming, keep in mind that your drone and dino both are moving, so aim keeping that in mind.
  • After to have enough DNA, you can create your own Dinosaurs which you can later evolve using DNA you collect over time. A player will have only 1 dino of a kind so no need to worry about anything and start evolving it.
  • A player can also create a hybrid but by using 2 dinos which he already has in his collection. You do not lose your dinos when creating a hybrid.
  • It just takes whatever DNA you have in each card (it can go from costing 50 DNA to 200 from what I’ve seen, depending on the rarity of the dino) and randomly gives you 10-90 DNA into the new hybrid card. You basically just don’t get to level up the old cards if you want to keep leveling your hybrid.

Building a Team

Building a Team

A player gets a starting Dinosaurs, but after that, they have to collect DNA and create dino in order to add them to their team. To view, your team click on the dinosaur icon at the bottom and it will show your team at the top after that all the other dino that you have created but are not in your team and after that info about all the other dinosaurs which you have encountered and are collecting DNA can be found.

Jurassic World Alive: Beginners Guide and Tips 1

You change the Dinos on your team using the modify button at top right corner. To start fighting you need at least 4 dinos in your team.

Rarity Tiers of Dinos

The rarity list in order is:

  • common(grey)
  • rare(blue)
  • epic(yellow)
  • legendary(red)
  • unique(green).

Most low-level common dinosaurs only need 50 DNA to create, while rarer dinosaurs cost 100 or 150 DNA to create. In most cases, a rarer monster is indeed more powerful than a common one, but not always.

A good indicator is the amount of DNA needed to evolve or create a dinosaur. If you’ve sunk 250 DNA into leveling up a dinosaur, it will likely be stronger in battle than a rarer dinosaur that costs 150 to create.

Battle System

It has a turn-based system which is way better and engaging then what we have in Pokemon Go. A player can choose a team of 8 Dinosaurs (after you have a least 8 of them) of which 4 are chosen at random.

Then players are allowed to chose their first dino which will fight. Which Dino will attack first depends on how fast they are i.e the dino with greater speed will attack first.

A dino has 2 or 3 types of attack available to it, which can be used accordingly. Normally special or power attacks have a cooldown period, so cannot be used continuously.

A player has to defeat 3 dinos of your opponent in order to win.

Arena battle detailed guide.

Battle Rewards

  • You get one incubator and random numbers of coins for winning the battle.
  • Incubators can be 15 mins/3hrs/8hrs/12hrs/24hrs.

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Other useful information and tips

General Gameplay Tips

  • You can find hybrid dinos in the wild.
  • Coins become a rarity, don’t waste them on useless stuff, it’ll eventually be 8K coins for 1 level-up on a dino
  • Always stock up on darts, you will use 5 -10 darts on an average on a dino.
  • When working on a hybrid, don’t evolve the dinosaur’s DNA you’re using for the hybrid, as it just means less DNA for the hybrid.
  • Currently, there is no speed limit.


  • Dinosaur spawns more herbivores in the day, mostly carnivores at night
  • Big grassy areas spawn more hadrosaurs and sauropods
  • 9.45pm ish spawn change from day to night

VIP and Money related questions (10£$ a month)

  • You get cash from stops (regularly, I mean), doubled daily cash and coin limit, longer lasting batteries, a better range for your drone, special offers, and maybe more to come, also a free incubator (One use) when you subscribe for the first time.
  • Use the bucks to get coins instead of speed up incubators, coins are far more valuable
  • Daily coins from Supply Drop limit around 3.5k coins
  • If you max out your “daily coins” you can still get coins from incubators and winning battles.

Best dinosaurs?

A Tank: Triceratops, Einosaurus, Euoplocephalus etc (Good at taking damage and Stun)

Anti Tank: Gorgosaurus, Dimetrodon, Tanycolagreus etc (Anything that bites away at armor)

Glass Cannon: Velociraptor, Suchomimus, Nundasuchas etc (A lot of damage and fast, but very little HP)

Lucky/Annoying: Parasaurolophus, Edmontosaurus, Koolasuchus etc (Relying on stun% chances and being fast)

Speed Controllers: Stegosaurus, Apatosaurus etc (Have moves that can slow down enemies, good for Lucky dinos and Glass Canon)

General all Rounders: Deinocheirus, Purrusaurus etc (Just good all round to have, can’t go wrong with having them)

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