Jurassic World Alive: Proposed Feature – Bloodied Arena

Jurassic World Alive: Proposed Feature - Bloodied Arena

A new feature is been developed by Ludia for Jurassic World Alive and battles are about to get a whole lot more savage.

A new teaser video has been released of the new feature:

We think it can be a cool feature is implemented properly. As of now, it is just simulated blood splatters to the overall screen that in no way reflect what actual blood splatter would look like under attack.

Some of the fans reaction:

alexanderrkoch: But.. why though?

david_gardner0125: So what’s it gonna look like when creatures use moves like Gashing Wound and Lethal Wound…

magic.owski: Can you please add an option to toggle it on and off at least, please.

astrocloud1: I would love this. The only issue I have is killing off some of the player base who happen to be kids. Parents will take the game from them.

What are your thoughts about the new feature, do leave a comment.