Draconisu Go Updated to Version 1.2

Draconisu Go Updated to Version 1.2 1

Elyland is really listing to the community. They just made a lot of changes, some good some bad. Here is the list of changes in Version 1.2.

  1. A Silver and Golden League player can place two creatures in an Arena or a Library (three creatures, if he has the artifact).
  2.  The 24h timer for the remote placing artifact is activated when the first charge is used.
  3. After the retraining of Attack, creatures come back from Libraries dead.
  4. The amount of taxes from Arenas has been changed (dracoins and essence).
  5. The „Double Ring” artifact is cheaper.
  6. High level players can be attacked only by rare and strong monsters.
  7. Creatures in the Rift of Arcana will not regenerate anymore.
  8. Generating of creatures when a lure or a tower of an element is used works correctly now.
  9. The criterion of generating of creatures with stats 5 5 has been changed. There will be more of those.
  10. Dragon’s Sight works only in the world where it was activated (the normal world or Arcana)
  11. There will be more chests in the Rift of Arcana and they will be there until the Rift disappears.
  12. The buff from a chest is the same for all players who opened it.
  13. The frequency of receiving 10km and 10h eggs has increased.
  14. The Owner of an Altar has to put a rune to get an effect of the spell.
  15. The “Long Hands” spell will now be active for 4 days
  16. The treasure map chooses a place with roads and buildings. There will be no maps only with water or a forest.
  17. The place of a treasure is the same for players of the Silver and Golden League, if they take the first fragment in one Obelisk more or less at the same time at the same time.
  18. The quest for a chain of pillars has a less predictable route now.
  19. Some rewards for quests have been changed.
  20. The amount of XP required for lvl 22-31 has been changed.
  21. When working in the background mode, the application uses less of the battery.
  22. We’ve improved the situation with denied access to GPS.
  23. The application blocks automatic screen saving mode while launching.
  24. We’ve improved the process of purchasing with an unstable internet connection.
  25. You cannot buy the same artifact twice.
  26. We’ve made it temporarily impossible to remove an artifact (until the compensation for removal is introduced).
  27. We’ve improved switching between game screens via “Back” button.
  28. We’ve fixed the button of closing a creature’s window after refusing to upgrade or evolve it.
  29. We’ve fixed the bug with double deletion of items from the bag with an unstable internet connection.
  30. We’ve fixed the issue with repeated notification about entering a new league.
  31. Information in some windows are updated correctly after the player’s actions (e.g. in the bag after deletion, in the creature storage after renaming etc).
  32. We’ve corrected some errors in the text of some notifications.
  33. The charged attack of an opponent will no longer be transferred from a dead creature to the next one.
  34. An opponent’s creature will turn towards the player’s creature before using a charged attack.
  35. We’ve improved processing a player’s actions in battle – now, the creature will respond to the player’s commands better.
  36. We’ve made it impossible to avoid damage by changing the creature.
  37. We’ve fixed the bug in the creature’s image in battle.
  38. We’ve deleted the incorrect message about wanting to surrender when the battle timer ends.
  39. Mismatch of the creature life reserve during and after a battle is fixed.
  40. The errors with the incorrect displaying of CP on Arenas, with an active buff from the chest, were fixed.
  41. The possibility to fight creatures, who don’t defend Arenas, is excluded.
  42. The errors with clearing an Arena because of inactivity were fixed.
  43. The timer of ending of the additional Duels on the Duels screen is added.
  44. The possibility to count a battle as lost, if a player has won, is excluded.
  45. The error with taking one more Duel from the Duels limit, if the fight button was pressed twice, is fixed.
  46. The error with an automatic healing of creatures before a battle is fixed.
  47. The error with the Duels counter after ending of the additional Duels is fixed.
  48. Sorting by the Bestiary number is added.
  49. The element of the current day can now be seen when using pheromones.
  50. The algorithm of choosing a random element for pheromones in the weekend is improved.
  51. Creatures, who were attracted by pheromones or lure, now spawn on a more comfortable distance.
  52. Models and animations of some creatures were improved.
  53. The color of the circle on a creature during catching displays the catching chance more precisely.
  54. We’ve fixed the bug when you lost several spheres when making one throw to catch a creature.
  55. We’ve improved the processing of other buildings blocking the installation of an Altar.
  56. We’ve improved the processing of a player’s actions in an Altar with an insufficient number of runes.
  57. The Altar disappears automatically after a spell has been cast.
  58. The timer of changing a quest can be seen in the quests screen (without the Obelisk).
  59. We’ve fixed the issue with players receiving the same quests from one Obelisk.
  60. We’ve fixed the bug with players finding different treasure maps when they receive the first fragment from the same Obelisk at the same time.
  61. We’ve fixed the bug with the broken treasure map in some places of the planet.
  62. The quest for the chain of pillars is not influenced by a player’s actions in the Rift of Arcana.
  63. We’ve fixed the issue when the Mother of Dragons was counted twice in a quest when you entered the Rift for the second time or when she was not there.
  64. We’ve improved the algorithm of choosing a reward for a quest depending on the state of the timers of collecting taxes from Arenas and retraining creatures in Libraries.
  65. We’ve decreased the frequency of receiving an incorrect message about moving too fast.
  66. We’ve improved the player’s interaction with creatures and buildings when moving fast.


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