This article analyses best Tyranitar movesets, setups and counters. Everything written has been tested by our research community in real life Gyms offense and defense scenarios.




It is said that Tyranitar can move mountains and that may be true in other Pokémon games. In Pokémon GO, there are a few mountains that even the mighty Tyranitar can not move.

Tyranitar overview

A great defender and attacker, although inferior to Dragonite in every role. Tyranitar is considered Tier II mostly due to Dragonite overshadowing him in Gym offense and Defense. As far as future PvP role goes, Tyranitar can take many roles, from a standard bruiser to a PSYCHIC specialist.

Best Tyranitar movesets

Quick moveCharge move
⚔️Gym offenseBite DARKStone edge ROCK
?️Gym defenseBite DARKCrunch DARK
?PvP (speculative)Bite DARKStone Edge ROCK

Tyranitar counters

Close Combat FIGHTING Play Rough FAIRY Hydro Pump WATER

With Generation II release and introduction of moves like Counter FIGHTING for Machamp, Ursaring and even Primeape, Tyranitar is not in the most favorable position when compared to Dragonite and Blissey.

Tyranitar pretty much gets completely wrecked when pitted against FIGHTING and WATER types, mostly due to high DPS these attackers can output and type disadvantage:

  • 1.56x damage from Fighting
  • 1.25x damage from Water

Note that Tyranitar’s typing makes himsuffer double damage from FIGHTING moves, so bring your Machamp to a Tyranitar fight.

Tyranitar movesets explanation

BiteDARKStone edgeROCK6/10027.7534.65
Iron tailSTEELStone edgeROCK15/10028.5533.95
BiteDARKFire blastFIRE6/14022.6524.15
Iron tailSTEELFire blastFIRE15/14023.4523.45
Iron tailSTEELCrunchDARK15/7017.7520.45

Tyranitar can obtain several different movesets, built around two Quick moves and three Charge moves. Fortunately for Tyranitar, he can take up both defensive and offensive roles successfully, depending on which moveset combination it obtains.

Tyranitar Stone Edge or Crunch?

Both Crunch – DARKand Stone Edge- ROCK benefit from STAB. However, since the Gym defender can’t Dodge, Stone Edge proved to be more reliable (and more satisfying) source of DPS. You can’t go wrong with either one, but Stone Edge gives Tyranitar that amazing “I am a giant rock monster smashing your face” feeling.

We recommend the following setup:

  • Bite DARK is the prefered Quick Move, Iron Tail STEEL  should honestly be avoided – it’s too slow and generates Energy a lot slower than Bite
  • Both Crunch DARK and Stone Edge ROCK are viable moves, with Fire Blast FIRE being useful only in some offensive scenarios
    • We would recommend Crunch as better for defense, Stone Edge for offense
  • Overall, our favourite Tyranitar moveset is Bite DARK / Stone Edge ROCK due to high EPS Bite provides and sustained, well rounded, DPS from Stone Edge. However, this moveset often suffers from Type disadvantages.