Raid Counters: Guide to choosing Pokemon to topple some of the toughest raids

Raid Counters: Guide to choosing Pokemon to topple some of the toughest raids
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Raids have arrived in Pokemon Goand they provide the community with strong Pokemon to catch and new items like the Golden Razz Berry and technical machines. Although players level 25 and above can now participate in raids, lower-level trainers might have a tough time, especially if they haven’t been active with battling before.

If that sounds like you, or you’re just looking to shore up some of your weak points with strong Pokemon, we’ve got some of the best Pokémon you can build around for the current state of raids.

Pokemon Go Raid Counters: Pokébattler chart breaks down some of the best raid boss counters with options

An article on Pokébattler by celandro breaks down the best counters for each of the tier 3 and 4 raid bosses, since tier 3 and 4 are when raids are no longer doable single player. Celandro has several options for each raid boss, so you don’t have to worry about catching a single, specific Pokemon to counter them as well.

Some of the tier 3 and 4 raid bosses you can encounter currently in 'Pokémon Go,' with the counters used against them.
Some of the tier 3 and 4 raid bosses you can encounter currently in ‘Pokémon Go,’ with the counters used against them.

Ideally, you should be able to find a counter for the raid boss you’re having trouble with somewhere in this list, but if you’re still not sure, remember to capitalize on type advantages as well.

Pokemon Go Raid Counters: Tyranitar, Rhydon and Machamp make great raid additions

If you’re looking for the most effective counters to common tier 3 and tier 4 raid bosses, you’re in luck. A Silph Road user, Level 34 Dewgong, used celandro’s data and came up with four Pokémon that counter a large number of raid bosses.

A Machamp with Counter and Dynamic Punch will serve you well, according to Level 34 Dewgong, because it’s a top counter for three current raid bosses: Lapras, Snorlax and Tyranitar. Cross Chop is also an acceptable charged move substitution as well, according to their data.

Machamp has somewhat surprisingly been a breakout star for battling.

Tyranitar is another powerful counter, especially with a one-two punch of dark moves like Bite/Crunch. This makes the Pokémon super effective against the psychic-type Alakazam and the ghost-type Gengar. If you want to sacrifice some ghost-killing power for a fire-type advantage, Stone Edge is a good choice for a charged move.

Rhydon can also be effective against fire types, but only with a suite of ground type moves like Mud Slap and Earthquake. Finally, Level34Dewgong recommends getting a Dragonite with Dragon Tail and Outrage, to assist with countering Machamp and Gengar.

Hopefully you’ve already got one of these monsters in your pocket, but if not, you can currently acquire all of them from raids anyway.

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