PUBG Mobile: Gun Tier List (Oct 2022)

PUBG Mobile: Gun Tier List

In this PUBG Weapons Tier List or Best Weapons Guide, we have ranked all the guns in PUBG Mobile from best to worse. The ranking is based on multiple factors.

Tier lists are complicated as the best gun is often the one you have the most practice with and some guns are also situationally better than others.

Like the Uzi has one of the highest fire rates in the game, and is excellent in solos to buzz saw someone down especially close in, but can often leave you reloading if they have a friend, something with a slower fire rate but big mag like the Bizon means shots need to be more accurate but you can ride the trigger against multiple opponents and maybe catch * them * reloading.

Take the AWM, the only firearm that can one-shot full health, and the Lvl 3 helmet, clearly the best bolt action.

Each benefits a different type of play style.


  • Damage
  • Range
  • Accuracy (Recoil)
  • Ease of Use
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