AWM: PUBG Mobile

AWM: PUBG Mobile

AWM in PUBG Mobile can only be obtained from airdrops. It is a sniper rifle for long-distance gameplay.

The AWM (Arctic Warfare Magnum) is a high-caliber sniper rifle that can be found in the popular mobile game, PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds). It is known for its powerful damage and long-range capabilities, making it a sought-after weapon for players.

The AWM is a bolt-action rifle that uses .300 Magnum ammunition, which can be found in air drops or various locations on the map. It has the highest damage output of all the sniper rifles in the game and can even take out players wearing level 3 armor with a single shot to the head.

The AWM also has a unique feature in that it can only be found in airdrops, making it a rare weapon to come across. This adds to its appeal for players and increases the chances of winning a firefight if they are able to secure one.

However, AWM does have some drawbacks. It has a slow firing rate and can only hold a maximum of five rounds, meaning players must make each shot count. It also has a loud firing sound, which can give away the player’s position to enemies.

Despite these drawbacks, the AWM is a formidable weapon in PUBG and is highly coveted by players. Its powerful damage and long-range capabilities make it a game-changer in any firefight, and its rarity only adds to its appeal. If you’re lucky enough to come across an AWM in a match, it’s definitely worth picking up.

It requires unique magnum rounds also found in airdrops only. AWM is the most powerful single-bolt sniper rifle, dealing extremely high damage and ignoring rank 3 headgear.

Power:105 | 100
Range:100 | 100
Recoil:15 | 100
Firing Speed:1 | 100
Ammo Type:300 Magnum
Weapon Type:Sniper Rifle (SR)
Magazine Capacity:5 | 7

AWM Attachments

The AWM has four attachments: Sight, Muzzle, Mag, and Stock.


  • Red Dot Sight
  • Holographic Sight
  • 2X Scope
  • 3X Scope
  • 4X Scope
  • 6X Scope
  • 8X Scope (recommended)

Side Scope

  • Canted Sight


  • Compensator (Snipers)
  • Flash Hider (Snipers)
  • Suppressor (Snipers) (recommended)


  • Quickdraw Mag (Snipers)
  • Extended Mag (Snipers)
  • Extended Quickdraw Mag (Snipers) (recommended)


Cheek Pad (recommended)

AWM Skins

Tribal Warfare

AWM: PUBG Mobile 1

Desert Camo

AWM: PUBG Mobile 2




AWM: PUBG Mobile 3


Hit Damage105
Initial Bullet Speed945 m/s
Body Hit Impact Power40,000
Zero Range100
Time Between Shots1.85s
Firing ModesSingle
Duration (Full)4.600s
Duration (Tactical)2.750s
Duration (Single Bullet Initial)
Duration (Single Bullet Repeat)


Aiming Modifier0.40
ADS Modifier0.004
Firing Base12.5
Crouch Modifier0.50
Prone Modifier0.20
Walk Modifier2.00
Run Modifier5.00
Jump Modifier15.00


Base (Aim)2.40
Base (ADS)0.001
Recoil Gain1.30
Recoil Gain (Aim)0.80
Recoil Gain (ADS)0.01
Max Limit8.00
Move Modifier Limit0 – 2.50
Move Velocity Reference0 – 300
Crouch Modifier0.80
Prone Modifier0.60


Vert. Clamp0 – 7.00
Vert. Speed15.00
Vert. Recovery Clamp8.00
Vert. Recovery Max15.00
Vert. Recovery Modifier0.60
HOR. Speed7.00
HOR. Tendency0.10
Left Max-0.80
Right Max0.80
Recovery Speed4.00
Pattern Scale0.50
Value Climb0.70
Value Fall3.00
Crouch Modifier0.80
Prone Modifier0.60


Yaw Offset1.00
Movement Modifier1.50
Crouch Modifier0.50
Prone Modifier0.20

Camera DOF

Near Range60.00

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