M249: PUBG Mobile

M249: PUBG Mobile

The M249 is a light machine gun that is available in the popular mobile game, PUBG Mobile. It is a powerful weapon that is capable of dealing high amounts of damage to enemy players, making it a popular choice for players who want to take out their opponents quickly.

The M249 is classified as an LMG (light machine gun) and is known for its high ammo capacity and sustained fire capabilities. It is a fully automatic weapon that can be used to effectively engage enemies at a medium range. It is also equipped with a bipod, which allows the player to steady the weapon when firing from a prone position.

One of the main benefits of using the M249 in PUBG Mobile is its high damage output. It is capable of dealing a large amount of damage to enemy players, making it effective at taking out opponents in a short amount of time. The M249 is also effective at suppressing enemies, as its sustained fire can keep them pinned down and prevent them from moving or attacking.

However, the M249 does have some drawbacks. It has a slower firing rate than some of the other weapons in the game, and it can be difficult to handle due to its large size and weight.


The following are attachable to this firearm:


  • 2x Aimpoint Scope
  • 3x Backlit Scope
  • 4x ACOG Scope
  • 6x Scope
  • Canted sight
  • Holographic Sight
  • Red Dot Sight


Hit Damage40
Initial Bullet Speed915 m/s
Body Hit Impact Power10,000
Zero Range100 – 500
Time Between Shots0.075s
Firing ModesAuto
Duration (Full)8.20s
Duration (Tactical)7.10s


Aiming Modifier0.15
ADS Modifier0.05
Firing Base10.00
Crouch Modifier0.50
Prone Modifier0.20
Walk Modifier2.00
Run Modifier5.00
Jump Modifier15.00


Base (Aim)1.10
Base (ADS)0.01
Recoil Gain1.30
Recoil Gain (Aim)0.80
Recoil Gain (ADS)0.02
Max Limit10.00
Move Modifier Limit0 – 3.2
Move Velocity Reference0 – 300
Crouch Modifier0.90
Prone Modifier0.60


Vert. Clamp0.05 – 7.00
Vert. Speed15.00
Vert. Recovery Clamp5.50
Vert. Recovery Max20.00
Vert. Recovery Modifier0.60
HOR. Speed10.00
HOR. Tendency+0.00
Left Max-0.50
Right Max0.50
Recovery Speed6.00
Pattern Scale0.75
Value Climb0.75
Value Fall2.10
Crouch Modifier0.40
Prone Modifier0.20


Yaw Offset10.00
Movement Modifier2.00
Crouch Modifier0.60
Prone Modifier0.20

Camera DOF

Near Range50.00


Ammo Type5.56mm
Magazine Size75
Extended Magazine Size150
Attachment Points4
TypeLight Machine Gun
Firing ModesFull-auto

Lighter than it looks.

Body Damage (10 meters)

Level 040
Level 131.40
Level 227
Level 320.20

Headshot Damage (10 meters)

Level 0103.40
Level 172.40
Level 262
Level 346.50

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