Flare Gun: PUBG Mobile

Flare Gun: PUBG Mobile

The Flare Gun in PUBG Mobile is a unique and powerful weapon. When used, a flare gun will shoot a flare into the sky, signaling a helicopter to drop a supply containing valuable weapons and equipment. The location of the flare will determine where the supply drop will land, making it an essential tool for players looking to get their hands on some powerful gear.

Using a flare gun also comes with a level of risk. The bright flare can be seen from far away, making it easy for other players to locate and target the user. It is important to use the flare gun in a safe location, away from other players, to increase the chances of successfully acquiring the supply drop.


Statistics Updated12/19/18 (Version:
Time Between Shots3.5s
Firing ModesSingle
MethodOne by one
Duration (Full)3.5s
Duration (Tactical)3.5s


Ammo TypeFlare
Magazine Size1
Attachment Points0
TypePistol, Other

Flares as a usable weapon or supply signal.

Flare Gun Contents

A care package in PUBG Mobile contains a variety of valuable items that can help players survive and thrive in the game. These items include:

  • Weapons: Care packages can contain a wide range of weapons, including assault rifles, submachine guns, shotguns, pistols, and more. These weapons can have different attachments, scopes, and magazine.
  • Armor: Care packages can contain various types of body armor, including level 3 and level 4 vests. These provide added protection against enemy fire.
  • Healing items: Care packages can contain healing items such as first aid kits, med kits, and energy drinks. These can be used to restore health and keep players in the game longer.
  • Ammunition: Care packages can contain ammunition for various weapons, including rifle, SMG, and pistol rounds.
  • Attachments: Care packages can contain attachments for weapons such as scopes, magazines, suppressors, and more. These attachments can help players improve their accuracy and damage output.
  • Backpacks and bags: Care packages can contain backpacks and bags that can increase a player’s inventory space, allowing them to carry more items.
  • Vehicles and Motorcycles: Care packages can also contain vehicles and motorcycles, which can help players quickly travel across the map.
  • Grenades: Care packages can also contain Grenades such as frag, smoke, and stun.

Things to remember while using a flare gun in PUBG Mobile

  1. Location: Make sure to use the flare gun in a clear and open area, as the care package needs enough space to land safely.
  2. Timing: Timing is key when using a flare gun, as it can be a high-risk, high-reward situation. Use it at a time when you have a good chance of being the first person to reach the care package.
  3. Planning: Before using the flare gun, plan your route to the care package and make sure you have a way to defend yourself against other players.
  4. Aim: Make sure to aim at a clear area of the sky when firing the flare gun, as a poorly aimed shot can result in the care package landing in an inaccessible location.
  5. Be prepared to fight: The care package drop location is visible to all players, be prepared for a fight.
  6. Use it wisely: remember that you can only use the flare gun once per match, so make sure to use it strategically.
  7. Use it in the final circle: use it in the final circle so that you have a good chance of surviving and getting the package.
  8. Communicate with your team: If you are playing with a team, communicate with them about when and where you will use the flare gun.
  9. Be aware of the zone: Keep an eye on the zone and make sure to use the flare gun before the zone collapses on you.

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