Pokemon Masters: Trainers and Pokemon List

Pokemon Masters: Trainers and Pokemon List

In Pokemon Masters players can collect Trainers along with Pokemon to build up a dream team of 3 trainers. A player takes 3 trainers along with him to Pokemon Masters League in Pasio.

Each trainer has a specific Pokemon know as Sync Pair, with which they can work and activate Sync Moves.

A special Syna Outfits can be used to change a trainers Sync Pair Pokemon.

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Trainers List

TrainerBase PotentialPokemon
Olivia5 StarOlivia and Lycanroc (Midnight Form)
Phoebe5 StarPhoebe and Dusclops
Cheren5 StarCheren and Stoutland
Blue5 StarBlue and Pidgeot
Acerola5 StarAcerola and Palossand
Lyra5 StarLyra and Chikorita
Lyra and Bayleef
Lyra and Meganium
Rosa5 StarRosa and Servine
Rosa and Snivy
Rosa and Serperior
Karen5 StarKaren and Houndoom
Karen and Mega Houndoom
Brendan5 StarBrendan and Treecko
Hilbert5 StarHilbert and Oshawatt
Kris5 StarKris and Feraligatr
Kris and Croconaw
Kris and Totodile
Viola4 StarViola and Surskit
Viola and Masquerain
Blaine4 StarBlaine and Ponyta
Bruno 4 StarBruno and Machamp
Agatha4 StarAgatha and Mega Gengar
Agatha and Gengar
Sophocles4 StarSophocles and Togedemaru
Wikstrom4 StarWikstrom and Aegislash (Shield Forme)
Wikstrom and Aegislash (Blade Forme)
Will4 StarWill and Xatu
Grant4 StarGrant and Amaura
Roxie4 StarRoxie and Whirlipede
Lorelei4 StarLorelei and Lapras
Marshal4 StarMarshal and Conkeldurr
Clair4 StarClair and Kingdra
Siebold4 StarSiebold and Clawitzer
Noland4 StarNoland and Mega Pinsir
Noland and Pinsir
Flint4 StarFlint and Infernape
Shauntal4 StarShauntal and Chandelure
Nanu4 StarNanu and Persian
Drake4 StarDrake and Salamence
Whitney4 StarWhitney and Miltank
Koga4 StarKoga and Crobat
Gardenia4 StarGardenia and Roserade
Thorton4 StarThorton and Bronzong
Kahili4 StarKahili and Toucannon
Hau4 StarHau and Raichu (Alola Form)
Flannery3 StarFlannery and Torkoal
Crasher Wake3 StarCrasher Wake and Floatzel
Wulfric3 StarWulfric and Avalugg
Janine3 StarJanine and Ariados
Sygna Suit Brock3 StarSygna Suit Brock and Tyranitar
Liza3 StarLiza and Lunatone
Skyla3 StarSkyla and Swanna
Brycen3 StarBrycen and Cryogonal
Winona3 StarWinona and Pelipper
Marley3 StarMarley and Arcanine
Korrina3 StarKorrina and Lucario
Korrina and Mega Lucario
Tate3 StarTate and Solrock
Roark3 StarRoark and Cranidos
Clay3 StarClay and Palpitoad
Brock3 StarBrock and Onix
Candice3 StarCandice and Abomasnow
Ramos3 StarRamos and Weepinbell
Roxanne3 StarRoxanne and Nosepass
Lt. Surge3 StarLt. Surge and Voltorb
Hapu3 StarHapu and Mudsdale
Erika3 StarErika and Vileplume
Marlon3 StarMarlon and Carracosta
Pryce3 StarPryce and Dewgong
Pryce and Seel
Barry3 StarBarry and Piplup
Barry and Prinplup
Barry and Empoleon
Iris3 StarIris and Haxorus
Bugsy3 StarBugsy and Mega Beedrill
Bugsy and Beedrill
Maylene3 StarMaylene and Meditite
Main Character3 StarPlayer and Pikachu
Mina3 StarMina and Granbull
Cheryl3 StarCheryl and Blissey
Brawly3 StarBrawly and Makuhita
Misty3 StarMisty and Starmie
Norman3 StarNorman and Slaking

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