Pokemon Masters: Strike (Physical) Tier List (Sept 2022)

Pokemon Masters: Strike (Physical) Tier List (Sept 2022)

Strike (Physical) tier list of Pokemon Masters has sync pairs which are damage dealers and focus on dealing Physical-based damage. Strike (Physical) sync pair also generally focus on dealing damage to a single target.

Pivotal Stat: Attack

Strike (Physical) Tiers:

  • TP = Tier Points
  • ATK = Attack
TierTier Point Range
141 – 999
230 – 40
327 – 30
40 – 27

Strike (Physical) Tier 1

Sync PairATKTPALL Effects
Noland & Mega Pinsir36545Repeat Use Damage Bonus, Attack Up, Speed Up, HP Up
Olivia & Lycanroc (Midnight Form)35743Attack Up, Crit Chance Up, Accuracy Up, Sp. Def Down
Brendan & Treecko30642Crit Chance Up, Sp. Atk Up, Attack Up

Strike (Physical) Tier 2

Sync PairATKTPALL Effects
Bugsy & Mega Beedrill32341Attack Up, Next 100% Critical Hit, Poison, Speed Up, Evasion Up
Korrina & Mega Lucario32540Attack Up, Crit Chance Up, Defense Down, Sp. Def Down Speed Up
Kahili & Toucannon33437Attack Up, Counter, Burn, Endure, Next 100% Critical Hit
Roark & Cranidos25734Attack Up,  Recoil, Move Gauge Up, Next Sure Hit
Tate & Solrock27034Flinch, Attack Up, Speed Down, Depends Up
Bruno & Machamp25632Crit Chance Up, Attack Up, Sp. Def Up
Roxie & Whirlipede25531Poison, Crit Chance Up, Attack Up, Sp. Def Up
Kris & Feraligatr22931Flinch, Attack Up, Speed Up, Next Sure Hit, Next 100% Critical Hit

Strike (Physical) Tier 3

Sync PairATKTPALL Effects
Marshal & Conkeldurr25430Defense Down, Attack Up, HP Up, Move Gauge Up, Defense Up
Norman & Slaking27229Paralysis, Attack Up, Recoil Move Gauge Up, HP Up
Sygna Suit Brock & Tyranitar20728Speed Down, Attack Up, Flinch, Defense Up, Next Sure Hit, Next 100% Critical Hit

Strike (Physical) Tier 4

Sync PairATKTPALL Effects
Wulfric & Avalugg25427Flinch, Freeze, Attack Up, Counter Defense Up, Taunt
Iris & Haxorus21326Attack Up, Confusion, Speed Up, Crit Chance Up
Hapu & Mudsdale19826Accuracy Down, Accuracy Up, Attack Up, Defense Up

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