Pokemon Masters: Support Tier List (Sept 2022)

Pokemon Masters: Support Tier List (Sept 2022)

Support Tier Sync Pairs in Pokemon Masters provide support to the rest of the team in form of Stat boosts, debuffs and even Move Gauge replenishment skills which are extremely beneficial.

They also take or absorb the damage of the opponent’s attack.

Pivotal Stat: Bulk (HP/2.75+Sp.Def+Def)

A.I. select which Pokemon to attack, on the basis of their Bulk and target them first, so Pokemon are targeted in order of their bulk (highest to lowest).

So a Support tier Pokemon will protect other weak Pokemons like Strike type or damage dealers Sync Pairs form the attacks.

Support Tiers:

  • TP = Tier Points
  • BP = Bulk Points
TierTier Point Range (>Min,
130 – 999
224 – 30
321 – 24
40 – 21

Support Tier 1

Sync PairBPTPALL Effects
Hilbert & Oshawott53645Speed Up, Low HP Attack Up, Flinch
Phoebe & Dusclops58437Sure Hit, Crit Chance Up, Attack Up Move Gauge Up, Recoil
Rosa & Serperior61236Sp. Def Down, Sp. Atk Up, Move Gauge Up, HP Up
Lyra & Meganium53333Sp. Def Down, Crit Chance Up, Attack Up, Sp. Atk Up, Speed Up, Sunny 2x Buffs, Reduce Damage (Special)

Support Tier 2

Sync PairBPTPALL Effects
Liza & Lunatone41728Confusion, Sp. Def Up, Attack Up, Sp. Atk Up, Sp. Def Down
Roxanne & Nosepass42828Random Up, Defense Up, Sp. Atk Up, Speed Up, Blocks AoE
Marley & Arcanine49227Burn, Unfreeze, Speed Up, Blocks Stat Conditions, Stat Condition Clear
Skyla & Swanna45026HP Up, Defense Up, Speed Up, Sure Hit
Drake & Salamence47125Sp. Def Up, Defense Up Move Gauge Up, Paralysis
Cheren & Stoutland52325User Has Stat Condition 2x Damage, Stat Condition Clear, Move Gauge Up, HP Regen,   Defense Down

Support Tier 3

Sync PairBPTPALL Effects
Maylene & Meditite43624Defense Down, Attack Up, Crit Chance Up, HP Up
Cheryl & Blissey42423Sp. Atk Up, HP Up, Defense Up, Sp. Def Up, Burn

Support Tier 4

Sync PairBPTPALL Effects
Misty & Starmie48020Speed Down, Sp. Def Up, Evasion Up, HP Regen
Marlon & Carracosta36814Defense Up, Taunt, Endure, Speed Down

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