Pokemon Masters: Passive Skills List

Pokemon Masters: Passive Skills List

Passive Skills in Pokemon Masters are just like Abilities in the main game, which are activated in certain conditions. A Sync Pair cant use their Sync ability unless they are activated using an item.

Passive Skills items

  • 10 Great Soda of Trainer’s Role
  • 3 Ultra Soda of Trainer’s Role
  • 15 Super Training Machine
  • 10 Skill Capsule

Once a Passive Skill is activated, it will remain active even after you evolve the Sync Pair Pokemon.

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Passive Skills List

Passive SkillEffectSync Pairs
Aggravation 1Chance of inflicting the flinching, confused, or trapped condition increased, with the additional effects of moves.Crasher Wake and Floatzel

Grant and Amaura

Thorton and Bronzong

Amped Up 1Pokemon Speed is increased when it lands a critical hit.Bugsy and Beedrill (Mega Beedrill)

Olivia and Lycanroc (Midnight Form)

AntifreezePokemon can’t be frozen.Candice and Abomasnow
AntitoxinPokemon can’t be poisoned or badly poisoned.Clay and Palpitoad
ClearheadedPokemon can’t be confused.Hapu and Mudsdale

Wulfric and Avalugg

Critical Focus 1Pokemon’s Critical-Hit rate increased when it lands a critical hitSiebold and Clawitzer
Critical Strike 2Moves Powered up when they land a Critical HitBruno and Machamp

Bugsy and Beedrill

Bugsy and Beedrill (Mega Beedrill)

DauntlessSp. Atk cannot be loweredLiza and Lunatone
Defense Crush 2Occasionally lowers the target’s Defense when an attack against it is successfulRamos and Weepinbell
EnduranceIf the Pokemon enters a battle with full HP, allows it to endure a single overwhelming attack with 1 HP leftKris and Totodile

Kris and Croconaw

Kris and Feraligatr

Main Character and Pikachu

Sophocles and Togedemaru

First Aid 4Restores a bit of the Pokemon’s HP once during battle when the Pokemon is in a pinchHau and Raichu (Alola Form)
FlameproofPrevents the Pokemon from getting burnedKaren and Houndoom Karen and Houndoom (Mega Houndoom)
Gritty 5Powers up moves if the Pokemon is affected by a status conditionMarshal and Conkeldurr
HasteSpeed cannot be loweredBrendan and Treecko Marley and Arcanine Skyla and Swanna
HeadstrongAttack cannot be loweredNoland and Pinsir Roark and Cranidos Tate and Solrock
Healing Hail 1Restores the Pokemon’s HP whenever it takes an action during a hailstormBrycen and Cryogonal
Healing Hand 2Occasionally removes all status conditions of all allied sync pairs after the Pokémon uses a moveCheryl and Blissey Misty and Starmie
Hit and Run 2Occasionally raises the Pokemon’s Speed after it uses a moveRoxie and Whirlipede
Hostile Environment 1Raises the chance of inflicting status conditions with the additional effects of movesBlaine and Ponyta Janine and Ariados Lorelei and Lapras
ImperviousStats cannot be loweredFlannery and Torkoal Mina and Granbull Noland and Pinsir (Mega Pinsir) Will and Xatu
Last WordThe Pokemon uses Explosion immediately before faintingLt. Surge and Voltorb
LithePrevents the Pokemon from getting paralyzedBrendan and Treecko
Mad Strength 2Occasionally raises the Pokémon’s Attack when one of its attacks is successfulWhitney and Miltank
On the Ropes 3Reduces damage when the Pokémon is in a pinch and is hit by a physical attackMaylene and Meditite
Pass It OnTransfers half the amount of this sync pair’s raised stats to the Sync Pair that will switch in when this Sync Pair faintsPhoebe and Dusclops
Piercing GazeMoves Never Miss.Erika and Vileplume Kahili and Toucannon
Power Chain 3Powers up moves when unity bonus is in effectLiza and Lunatone Tate and Solrock
Power Flux 5The fuller the move gauge, the more this powers up movesBarry and Piplup Barry and Prinplup Barry and Empoleon
Power Reserves 2Powers up moves in a pinchBrawly and Makuhita Flint and Infernape Iris and Haxorus Norman and Slaking Shauntal and Chandelure
Racing Rain 2Quickly charges the move gauge when the weather is rainyClair and Kingdra Crasher Wake and Floatzel Winona and Pelipper
Sand FortressStats cannot be lowered in a sandstormBrock and Tyranitar
Sand ShelterProtects the Pokémon from damage from a sandstormGrant and Amaura
Snow ShelterProtects the Pokémon from damage from a hailstormBrycen and Cryogonal Candice and Abomasnow Grant and Amaura
Speeding Sun 2Quickly charges the move gauge when the weather is sunnyGardenia and Roserade
StalwartSp. Def cannot be loweredLiza and Lunatone Rosa and Snivy Rosa and Servine Rosa and Serperior
Stance ChangeChanges to Blade Forme when the Pokemon attacks. Changes to Shield Forme when the Pokemon uses King’s Shield or switches outWikstrom and Aegislash Wikstrom and Aegislash (Blade Forme)
Stoic 2Occasionally raises the Pokémon’s Defense after it uses a moveBrock and Onix
Superduper Effective 2Powers up moves that are super effective.Pryce and Seel Pryce and Dewgong
Surging Sand 5Powers up moves in a sandstormRoxanne and Nosepass
Terrify 1Lowers the Attack of all opposing sync pairs when the Pokemon enters a battleDrake and Salamence
UnbendingDefense cannot be loweredMarlon and Carracosta Tate and Solrock
UnflappablePrevents the Pokemon from flinchingKorrina and Lucario Korrina and Lucario (Mega Lucario)
UnhinderedWhen the Pokemon uses a move to attack, ignores the damage reducing effects on the opponent’s field of play.Noland and Pinsir (Mega Pinsir) Shauntal and Chandelure
VigilanceProtection against critical hits.Phoebe and Dusclops Wikstrom and Aegislash Wikstrom and Aegislash (Blade Forme)
Water ShiftNormal-type moves change to Water-type movesKris and Totodile Kris and Croconaw Kris and Feraligatr
Wide AwakePokemon won’t fall asleepAgatha and Gengar Agatha and Gengar (Mega Gengar) Karen and Houndoom Karen and Houndoom (Mega Houndoom)


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