One of the Pokemon Go’s Most Powerful Pokemon Nerfed

One of the Pokemon Go’s Most Powerful Pokemon Nerfed

Pokemon Go made several tweaks to the GAME_MASTER in the latest Update, which are mostly to prepare for the upcoming Halloween event and adding new Pokemon’s to the game. But data miners have also noticed that one of the powerful Legendary Pokemon has been nerfed.

The only Legendary Pokemon from Gen 1 and 2 that is missing from the game is Ho-Oh, and its base stats have been reduced by 9%.

All the base stats (attack, defense, and stamina)  were decreased by 9%, reducing the max CP of Ho-Oh from 4650 to 3889. Therefore Ho-Oh’s no longer is one of most powerful Pokemon in Pokemon Go. It also means Mewtwo will remain at Top in terms of max CP, whose stats were also nerfed over the summer.

New stats of Ho-Oh after the decrease are:

  • Attack – 239
  • Defense –  274
  • Stamina – 193

These are still great stats, so keep Ho-Oh in your to catch list.

How CP is calculated in the game has been changed several times in Pokemon Go, but Ho-Oh is the only second Pokemon to have their base stat directly edited. First one was Mewtwo, and its base stats were also dropped by 9%, reducing max CP from 4760 to 3982.

Judging from this pattern, it seems that Pokemon Go wants to keep max CP below 4000. Which means that several Gen 3 Pokemon will also be impacted by this, as they also have abnormally high base stats.

Slaking, Kyogre, and Groudon all have max CPs above 4000, so their stats will also be lowered before they are released in the game.

But it’s not all bad, Pokemon Go released Mewtwo in Pikachu Outbreak Festival in Japan the next day of nerf. So we might be soon getting Ho-Oh.

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