Pokemon Go datamine reveals new forms for upcoming Generation 3 Pokemon

Pokemon Go datamine reveals new forms for upcoming Generation 3 Pokemon

Generation 3 Pokémon aren’t ready to join Pokémon Go just yet, but a new update suggests they’ll change the game.

Dataminers from Reddit found exciting information in Pokémon Go’s Android Packing Kit (APK) during their latest peek into the data. In particular, dataminers found unique forms for two Generation 3 Pokémon: Deoxys and Castform.

Forms aren’t really a new thing in Pokémon Go—you can already get Pokémon that differ in regard to gender, costume, and shininess—but the new data changes things up. Deoxys and Castform are unique in that their forms change based on outside factors.

Deoxys couldn’t change forms in Pokémon Ruby and Pokémon Sapphire originally, but later generations allowed its form to adjust in certain cities. Those forms are normal, attack, defense, and speed: Forms change the look of the creature, but also max out its respective stats. It’s unclear if the form changes will be incorporated in the game in a similar, location-based way.

Castform is a Pokémon that changes with the weather. It can either be normal, sunny, rainy, or snowy. This is exciting for another reason: Pokémon Go could be getting integrated weather patterns soon.

Dataminers found code in August that suggests all 135 Generation 3 Pokémon will be added to the game, though it’s unclear when. Continued adjustment to the Pokémon Go means that new Pokémon are coming soon, even if we don’t know when, exactly. Sound files haven’t been added, the dataminers noted, so Generation 3 Pokémon aren’t coming with this particular update.

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