Pokemon Go reveals Halloween and Gen 3 creatures release date

Pokemon Go reveals Halloween and Gen 3 creatures release date

Pokemon Go just made Halloween official and revealed that will start in Pokémon GO tomorrow, October 20, bringing with it double candy bonuses from catching, hatching and walking Pokémon, as well as a special surprise: for the first time in the game, we’ll be getting Pokémon from Gen 3, starting with a suite of Ghost-type creatures like Sableye, Banette, and more.

In addition, Pikachu gets a little witch hat and players will be able to pick up a legitimately creepy Mimikyu hat for their avatar. The whole thing kicks off on October 20 at 1 PM PDT.

Halloween holds a special place in the pantheon of Pokémon GO Events: it was the game’s first event last year, establishing for the first time the concept of limited time Pokémon spawns and reward bonuses. It’s also one of the most thematically appropriate, considering the fact that the whole holiday revolves around walking around and collecting candy.

The candy bonuses are likely to come in handy for anyone looking to evolve one of their new Pokémon as quickly as possible, as there isn’t any indication that these new Pokémon will be sticking around after the event. There also isn’t any indication that they won’t be sticking around, so we’ll just have to see. Best to err on the side of caution.

As a side note, I’m perpetually confused by Niantic’s allergy towards telling people about any event more than a day before it actually happens: what exactly is gained here? Pokémon GO is a game that requires a degree of planning to play, and so it helps to know when things are actually happening.

Not to mention the fact that a lead time of more than 24 hours is good for building hype. And yet for some reason, the official announcement rarely comes more than a day before the event, and there’s never any in-game notification until the event itself starts. This feels like an error.

Regardless, I have no doubt that the Halloween event will help to alleviate what would appear to be some seriously flagging interest in the game: I haven’t seen much of anyone at Raids in recent weeks, and the game’s position on the app charts just keeps dropping. It’s the nature of the beast: there’s very little to do in Pokémon GO, so the game at this point is almost entirely dependent on limited time events to spur interest.

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