Draconius Go Update coming with a lot of Improvements

Draconius Go Update coming with a lot of Improvements

Draconius Go is little crude as of now, but Elyland is constantly working on improving it. They have been listening to the community and have made improvements, like more creature spawn and many others.

Now they are planning to update the app to version 1.2 that will be released very soon. It will bring various nice improvements, here are some of them:

  • Improved processing of GPS signals on many phone models, which will fix the issue with messages about moving too fast;
  • Improved algorithm for choosing a secret place with a weekly treasure: your map will no longer be exclusively marine or forest, you will definitely see buildings and roads on it;
  • Fixed inaccuracies in the mechanism of fighting, for example, a dying creature of the enemy can no longer transmit the already prepared charged attack to the next creature;
  • Gold League players can now put two creatures to protect an Arena or a Library; and much more.

While version 1.2 is getting ready for release, they recommend that you update the game to version 1.1.3 with improved stability, and also strongly recommend linking your game character to your Google or Facebook account, if you have not already done so.

This will prevent losing your progress in case of incorrect functioning of your phone’s operating system. You can link your character to Google / Facebook in the game settings by selecting the appropriate item.

The following guide is a BASIC quick-start guide to get you moving in Draconius Go.


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