Pokemon Masters: Strike (Special) Tier List (Sept 2022)

Pokemon Masters: Strike (Special) Tier List (Sept 2022)

Strike (Special) tier list of Pokemon Masters has sync pairs which are damage dealers and focus on dealing Special-based damage. Most of the Strike (Special) sync pair has AoE damage.

Pivotal Stat: Sp. Atk

Strike (Special) Tiers:

  • TP = Tier Points
  • ATK = Sp. Atk
TierTier Point Range (>Min,
140 – 999
235 – 40
330 – 35
40 – 30

Strike (Special) Tier 1

Sync PairATKTPALL Effects
Blue & Mega Pidgeot40349Crit Chance Up, Sp. Atk Up, Confusion, Rainy Sure Hit, Evasion Up, Accuracy Up
Karen & Mega Houndoom33643Sp. Atk Down, Crit Chance Up, Flinch, Sp. Atk Up

Strike (Special) Tier 2

Sync PairATKTPALL Effects
Barry & Empoleon28639Speed Down, Stat Condition Clear, Speed Up, Crit Chance Up
Shauntal & Chandelure29838Stat Condition 2x Damage, Sp. Atk Up, Sp. Def Down, Speed Up, Evasion Up, Burn, Unfreeze
Gardenia & Roserade30437HP Up, Crit Chance Up, Sp. Atk Up, Move Gauge Up, Normalize Stats
Siebold & Clawitzer28636Confusion, Sp. Atk Up, Sure Hit, HP Up, Next Sure Hit, Next 100% Critical Hit, HP Regen
Hau & Raichu (Alola Form)27136Paralysis, Sp. Atk Up, Speed Up, Evasion Up

Strike (Special) Tier 3

Sync PairATKTPALL Effects
Flint & Infernape27534Burn, Crit Chance Up, Attack Up, Sp. Atk Up
Clair & Kingdra25832Paralysis, Sp. Atk Up, Crit Chance Up, Normalize Lowered Stats

Strike (Special) Tier 4

Sync PairATKTPALL Effects
Player & Pikachu25530Paralysis, HP Up, Sp. Atk Up, Speed Up
Pryce & Dewgong21029Freeze, Crit Chance Up, Speed Down, Sp. Atk Up, Sp. Def Up

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