Pokemon Masters: Tech Tier List (Sept 2022)

Pokemon Masters: Tech Tier List (Sept 2022)

Tech tier list of Pokemon Masters has sync pairs which provide support of different types. Tech Sync pairs can support by changing the weather or inflicting status effects.

Pivotal Stat: Varies

Tech Tiers list:

  • TP = Tier Points
  • STAT = Sum of all Stats
TierTier Point Range
127 – 999
224 – 27
322 – 24
40 – 22

Tech Tier 1

Sync PairSTATTPALL Effects
Koga & Crobat147331Toxic, Speed Up, Poison 2x Damage, Evasion Up, Crit Chance Up
Will & Xatu139729Stat Bonus, Damage Bonus, Confusion, Depends Up, Flinch
Crasher Wake & Floatzel129728Flinch, Crit Chance Up, Confusion, Attack Up, Sp. Atk Up
Sophocles & Togedemaru127928Flinch, Sp. Def Up, Paralysis, Attack Up, Speed Up, Defense Down
Agatha & Mega Gengar146428Stat Condition 2x Damage, Sleep, Speed Up, Recoil, Sp. Def Down
Viola & Masquerain131328Bind, Speed Up, Sp. Atk Down, Sp. Def Up, HP Regen

Tech Tier 2

Sync PairSTATTPALL Effects
Blaine & Ponyta136127Burn, Unfreeze Bind, Attack Up, Random Up, Sunny
Nanu & Persian123527Flinch, Speed Up, Defense Down, Evasion Up, Next 100% Critical Hit
Janine & Ariados110926Poison Crit Chance Up, Attack Down, Sp. Atk Down, Speed Down, Speed Up, Evasion Up
Lt. Surge & Voltorb121426Paralysis, Speed Up, Sp. Atk Down, Sp. Atk Up, Evasion Up
Grant & Amaura122325Speed Down, Sp. Def Up, Flinch, Accuracy Up, Move Gauge Up, HP Regen
Lorelei & Lapras132125Freeze, Speed Up, Hailstorm, Sure Hit, Defense Up
Clay & Palpitoad110825Speed Down, Sp. Def Up, Speed Up, Endure
Wikstrom & Aegislash (Blade Forme)123625Speed Up 2x Damage, Blocks Damage to Self, Depends Up, Flinch

Tech Tier 3

Sync PairSTATTPALL Effects
Candice & Abomasnow114624Freeze, Speed Up, Hail Variable, Move Gauge Use, Attack Up, Sp. Def Up
Thorton & Bronzong130124Speed Up 2x Damage   Flinch Defense Up   Sp. Def Up Unable to Evade
Flannery & Torkoal108824Burn   Sp. Atk Up   Defense Up Crit Chance Up
Brycen & Cryogonal122823Freeze   Random Up   Sp. Def Up Endure   Normalize Stats
Mina & Granbull108123Attack Down   Stat (Depends) Up
Brawly & Makuhita111123Defense Down   HP Up Remove Def Buffs   Attack Up Defense Up   Sp. Def Up

Tech Tier 4

Sync PairSTATTPALL Effects
Whitney & Miltank127822Paralysis, Speed Up, Flinch, HP Up, Defense Up
Brock & Onix113122HP Up, Speed Down, Attack Up, Defense Up
Erika & Vileplume117422Sp. Def Down, Sp. Def Up, Paralysis, Sp. Atk Up, Defense Up
Ramos & Weepinbell110122Speed Up, Sleep, Attack Up
Winona & Pelipper115021Flinch, Rainy, Defense Up, Speed Up, Confusion, Rainy Sure Hit
Acerola & Palossand116420Flinch, Defense Up, Sandstorm, Taunt, HP Regen

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