Pokemon Masters: Beginners Guide

Pokemon Masters: Beginners Guide

A new Pokemon Game “Pokemon Masters” which was announced by Pokemon and DNA back in May 2019 has finally been released. It has been a hot topic among Pokemon fans, so in this guide, we will introduce you to the feeling of the game and how to play it.

Pokemon Masters

This work was created based on the concept that Pokemon trainers who appeared in successive “Pokemon” series gather and form an original team of dreams. This concept was invented by Ken Sugimori, a game freak who is also the creator of many Pokemon trainers.

Pokemon Masters: How to pre-register

The stage of the adventure, the trainers gathered on the artificial island Pacio, will aim to win the World Pokemon Masters (WPM), a 3 to 3 team battle competition.

To compete in the WPM, the main character departs for a badge-collection journey, as it is necessary to win the battle with the WPM leaders that exist in various parts of Pasio to obtain five badges.

Also, in order to find fellows who will fight together, they will meet various trainers, deepen their fights in battle, and increase their number.

The basic way to play Pokemon Masters is, as mentioned above, the simple thing of promoting a story, playing a battle, and increasing friends. Of course, there are also nurturing factors and sub-story featuring the trainer. In addition, multiplayer play with other players. We will deliver each detailed report below.

Buddy’s Search

The trainers appearing in Pokemon Masters have teamed up with each other’s Pokemon “Buddys”, and all team formation is done in this buddy’s unit.
For example, it is a familiar combination of the original such as Takeshi if I work, Kasumi if Star Me. By the way, the protagonist is forming a buddy with Pikachu.

Pokemon Masters Buddy

Although Buddy’s can be a friend in advancing the main story, this time, in order to see various Buddy’s, I decided to utilize the system called “Buddy’s Search” that I can effectively Buddy’s Buddy’s. By using diamonds, it is a system that buddies become friends at random.

If you join a buddy who is already a friend in buddy search again, the level of buddy’s work rises. If the level of the buddy’s work reaches the upper limit, you can gain the power to use for buddy’s training.

The terminal I was playing this time is using the app under development, and the emission rate at the time of release may be changed, but from producer Atsushi Sasaki We intend to put it in a form that is suitable for the beloved Pokemon brand. ” The diamond is also available by advancing the story. If you want to meet your favorite buddy, or if you want to keep playing the game efficiently, you may want to try them.

By the way, at the time of release, 65 sync pairs of buddies will be implemented, and it will be added at any time thereafter. Here are some of the buddies that I made with BuddiesSearch:

Chris and Waninoko5 star
Yuuki and Kimori5 star
Yoo and Samayool5 star
Richi and Rugalgan5 star
Gumpi and Gilgaldo4 star
Pics and Natio4 star
Akane and Mill Tank4 star
Urup and Clebase3 star
Azalea and Noz Pass3 star
Toki and Mac Noshita3 star
Nagi and Perper3 star
My and Windy3 star
Yacon and Gamagal3 star

Although I could not confirm this time, trainers belonging to enemy organizations, including rocket teams, are scheduled to appear in the future, so I hope that those who like “wary” trainers should also expect.

There are also buddies whose trainers are wearing a special costume called “Magicos”. In fact, I was able to confirm Takeshi in the tank top, but this Takeshi was not good work but was Banguiras as a partner.

It is said that they have grown further through their adventures at Patio. It is one of the pleasures of Pokemon Masters that you can see the trainer in this special costume “Magicos”, prepared for this work. What is the origin of the word “magicos”? In the author’s imagination, I still feel like a matchsuit in the sense of a serious costume.

Pokemon Masters Real-time Battle

In Pokemon Masters, a 3 to 3 Pokemon battle takes place in real-time. The mechanics of the battle are very simple:


  1. Tap the opponent’s attacking Pokemon
  2. Select the buddies and tap the work to be used

In order to use the work, it is necessary to have a “work gauge” that accumulates over time, and the amount of consumption varies depending on the work. Basically, it’s safe to think that consumption is as big as a powerful work. Note that the gauge is shared by the team, so let’s fight while thinking about which buddy’s best to use the trick.

Not only Pokémon but also trainers can use buddies. Its effects are various, such as “scratching”, which restores allies’ HP, and “SP UP G,” which raises the allure of all the allies.

The trainer’s work can be used without consuming the gauge but is limited in the number of times it can be used in one battle. It is important to determine when to use the work.

Not only do Pokémon and trainers work out each other, but also pay attention to the special move “Badize Works” that Buddies use together. This is just the trump card that decides the game. You can use it by acting a certain number of times during the battle. Among various buddy’s works, the characteristic thing is Corni & Lucario. By using the buddy’s work, Lucario becomes a mega-carcion, and specific works become available.

By the way, the original specification of this work is adopted also about the type compatibility of Pokemon. There is only one type of weakness that increases the damage received for each Pokemon. For example, in the “Pokemon” series, Pochama has weaknesses in the electric and electric types, but the weakness in this work is only the elastic type.

By the way, the weak point of the Tamazarasi with the same water type is the telephone type. Weaknesses seem to be set for each Pokemon. The type that is the weak point of that Pokemon is immediately known because it is always displayed on the battle screen.

In addition, since there is only one weak point, there is no so-called “four-fold weak point”, and furthermore, the damage received such as “This is another one” is never halved or nullified. For users who are familiar with the conventional Pokemon Battle, there may be a slight sense of incongruity, but in the case of the author, the incongruence faded away by thinking that it is a specification more like a Pokemon card game.

These proprietary specifications are designed to enjoy Pokemon battle without memorizing all Pokemon types, and it is an idea to optimize for smartphone app users.

However, it is not only simple but also has a deep strategic nature unique to Pokemon battle. The key is the role.

The Buddies are assigned roles of “Attacker”, “Support”, and “Technical”, respectively, and they are combined to form a tactic.

For example, support boosts the abilities of allied attackers, while technical lowers the opponent’s ability and makes a whole hit with a total attack. Collect only the attackers and push it with firepower. And so, tactics vary depending on the combination. It’s interesting not only to combine teams with your favorite trainers, but it’s also interesting to organize teams by focusing on the combination of works.

Pokemon Masters Multi-team Battle

The multi-team battle, which is released when the main story is advanced to chapter 11, is for three players to operate a set of buddies and work together to clear the stage. Each player can take 3 sets of buddies, including a reserve, so a total of 9 sets of buddies can challenge the battle.

Only one pair of buddies can be played at the same time, but you can freely replace buddies during the battle. The idea of ​​replacing the Buddies who have lost their HP, or replacing them with the Buddies that match the opponent’s weaknesses may be similar to the Pokemon Battle in the “Pokemon” series.

The highlight of such a multi-team battle is the combined technique “Issei Kougeki” that three players combine to shoot. The Issey Kougeki is activated when the Issey Gauge is accumulated.

In order to earn an “issay gauge”, it is necessary to attack two players who are allies in a row in succession. In order to attack each player individually, the gauges are accumulated at the same timing in order to attack continuously.

Furthermore, if all three can attack in a row, they will enter the “issay chance”. Even if you can not attack continuously during the “issay chance”, the “issay gauge” can easily be stored because the “issay gauge” can easily be stored. In multi-team battles, stamps for communication are prepared, so let’s put out a signal, adjust the timing, and let’s draw out a powerful “Isayei Kougeki”!

I will fight against a stronger opponent than the solo battle, but I would like to try aggressively because the reward when cleared so is gorgeous. In addition, this work will be supported in eight languages ​​at the time of release, and the multi-team battle is to match with players all over the world. You don’t have to worry about the speed of matching.

Nurturing Buddies

Buddy’s gets experience points by winning the battle. As you upgrade the level, the ability value rises, and when you meet the conditions, Pokemon can evolve. In addition, it seems that there is a Pokemon whose buddy’s work changes as it evolves.

In addition, the ability value of Buddy’s is further raised by using the sound of “nobility”. The use of multiple stretches increases the number of Buddy’s stars, and the number of stars increases the upper-level limit. Since all the buddies can be fostered to five, it is good to be able to strongly grow your favorite buddy.

In this work, you need a game called “Tokkun Machine” to remember the work. The buddies who have just become friends basically remember two works, and using the Tokun machine can learn the other two.

In addition, since these credits can be obtained by the reward of the daily mission and the clear reward of the extra area, let’s save as a trick.

Pokemon trainer as Co-Star

I became heart-warmed to see the story that Takeshi and Kasumi came to play in the Arora region on the TV anime “Pokemon Sun & Moon. The tension was especially high for the scene where the water type and Kasumi are in conversations with each other and the water type users.

In this work, such a situation is happening here and there. It is no longer a level that a heart is hot. The fire of the heart is burning to the “dynamic full flame” class!.

Just looking at the trainers’ talk is fun enough, but there’s a suspicious organization in the early stages of the story, a break group, and it’s about how the story itself unfolds.

By the way, besides the main story, there is also a sub-story focusing on a specific buddy’s “Body’s Episode”. In addition to being able to know the unexpected side of the trainers and Pokemon, it is possible to get a clear reward and one bird and two birds. It’s an episode that fans can’t wait for, so be sure to check it out.

Because the trainers that appear in the successive “Pokemon” series gather in this film, some of you may be worried that you may not be able to enjoy it unless all the pieces are played.

Of course, there is a part that can be enjoyed more by knowing the trainer, but it is definitely not a work that you can not enjoy without knowing. Rather, it’s a great title that lets you learn about the trainers that have appeared in the previous series if you play it.

In the main story, the story is expanded so that it can be understood what kind of trainer, and because Buddy’s picture book which is not the Pokemon picture book is prepared, when the unknown trainer becomes a friend, it can be examined immediately.

If you have a favorite trainer, you should definitely enjoy it. On the contrary, it will be more and more favorite trainers while advancing the play.

“Pokemon Masters” is a game that makes the world of Pokemon more and more loveable as you do it.

Pre-registrations are now open.

Pokemon Masters Subreddit and Discord Server.

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