Pokemon Masters: Reroll Guide

Pokemon Masters: Reroll Guide

Rerolling in Pokemon Masters follows the same principle as any game in the world of gacha gaming. Rerolling is a way to obtain the desired characters the first randomized pull by resetting and restarting a game.

So to get the best sync pair in Pokemon Masters we have prepared a list of Sync pairs and two methods you can use to reroll.

Why would anyone Reroll?

There might be various regions for which a player would want to reroll. One might want the strongest Sync pair to help him progress easily or one might have a favorite trainer or a Pokemon which they want to start with.

Regardless of the reason rerolling can improve your game experience. It might take a few hours but if you are planning to play POkemon masters for more then a day or two, it’s worth the trouble.

Best sync pairs in Pokémon Masters

  • Brendan and Treecko (mixed striker)
  • Karen and Houndoom (special striker)
  • Kris and Totodile (physical striker)
  • Olivia and Lycanroc (physical striker)
  • Phoebe and Dusclops (support)

How to reroll in Pokemon Masters

There are two methods of rerolling in Pokemon Masters, so it depends on how patient you are and you want to start with one particular character or two strong characters.

Reroll in Pokémon Masters – Method 1

  1. Link your Nintendo account. It won’t stop you from rerolling, and it actually makes the process much faster. With a Nintendo account linked, there are only 2 downloads (~32mb each) between rerolls, and you get extra gems.
  2. Rush clear until you’ve completed chapter 2.
  3. Collect your missions and rewards. You will have enough to pull 7 times on the banner. It is faster to just pull here instead of collecting more gems.
  4. Odds of pulling AT LEAST ONE 5 star from the 7 pulls is ~40%. Each reroll should take 22-25 minutes depending on how focused you are. If you are looking for a specific 5 star, like Karen, your chances after 7 pulls are ~10%.
  5. It is faster to rush clear chapter 1 and pull 4 times. This will give you a ~25% chance of pulling a 5 star. If you are going for 2 5 star pulls, I would still recommend the 7 pull method.

Reroll in Pokémon Masters – Method 2

  1. Play through until the end of Chapter 1.
  2. Collect your mission rewards.
  3. Link your Nintendo account by tapping the Poryphone in the bottom right, then Account.
  4. Perform four individual pulls.
  5. If you don’t get what you wanted, navigate to where you linked your Nintendo Account before, then tap Delete Save Data below that. It will automatically unlink your Nintendo Account.
  6. Start over again with Step 1.

Best Sync Pair

Phoebe and Karen are the strongest as of now but watch out, Blue is coming on September 2.

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