Pokemon Masters: How to pre-register

Pokemon Masters: How to pre-register

Pokemon Masters is been released in a phased-out manner and its pre-registration is now open. If you live in a certain part of the world like Singapore you might already have access to the games.

But if you are not the lucky one to live in those regions which will have a chance to try out Pokemon Masters early, you can in the meantime watch a new series of official videos.

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This pre-registration is optional as most probably there wont be any early signing up special bonus. The developer DeNA twitted about the early sign up as this way you will get an alert on your device as soon as the game goes live.

Pokemon Masters pre-register

On July 25, a preview version of the game will available in Singapore, but with only limited content. This preview version will also make its way to Canada soon.

If you do not want to wait, you can skeeak you way into these regions and start playing Pokemon Masters (VPN services can be used to do so). If you are willing to wait than the game is scheduled to be launched this summer, so you won’t be waiting for very long either way.

There is a new six part video series on the official YouTube account which can be used to make yourself familiar with the game.

If you are thinking I know how to play a Pokemon game, your knowledge of other games will help, but there are some differences you need to learn about.

For example, Sync Pairs (the set duos of trainers and one of their favorite Pokemon) now occupy one of three formal roles based on their strengths in combat: Attack, Support, and Tech, and using them together can open up some powerful synergies to exploit in combat.

Pokemon Masters Subreddit and Discord Server.

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