Pokemon Go Opens Raids to Most Players

Pokemon Go Opens Raids to Most Players

Pokemon Go‘s raids are now open to most players. The popular mobile game announced Friday night that it was now open to all players Level 5 and higher.

Raids are a new mechanic in which super-powerful Pokemon called Raid Bosses temporarily take over gyms. Players have one hour to beat the Raid Boss for the chance to earn exclusive items and a chance to catch a powered down version of the Raid Boss.

While some Raid Bosses can be beaten by a single high level player, most low level players that recently gained access to Raids will need to work with other trainers to beat these intense battles.

Players can compete in Raids by using a Raid Pass, which can be obtained for free from Gyms once per day. Additional Raid Passes can be purchased from the in-game store.

This likely completes Pokemon Go‘s rollout of its new raid system. The game initially launched Raids in late June for Level 35 players and higher. Over the next several days, the game lowered the minimum Level requirement to Level 20.

If you need help beating the high Level raids, be sure to check our tips on how to make every Raid a successful one.

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