Are Pokemon Go Halloween box worth buying?

Are Pokemon Go Halloween box worth buying?

Halloween event brings new Pocket Monsters to catch and Candy to collect. Niantic also released a range of new boxes in their game store. New Halloween box has been added to the store of Pokemon Go. So are they worth buying?

Let’s have a look and analysis these boxes.

3 Box are available:

Special BoxGreat BoxUltra Box
Premium Raid Pass636
Super Incubator46
Lucky Egg6
Bonus10 Pinap10 Razz
Total value100014602940
Discount (%)52%46.5%49.6%

The Special box: “Targeted at Raiders and farmers, offering six Raid Passes for 480 Coins. Six Raid Passes cost 600 Coins, which means you’re paying less to Raid while getting some Incense and Pinap Berries along the way. A clear winner for Raiders, but unfortunately, you do not get any Super Incubators in it.”

The Great box: “A semi-social player’s dream come true. You get a hefty amount of Incense and Super Incubators for your solo play, while still getting a few discounted Raid Passes. We’ve also noticed that the Halloween Great Box is 200 coins cheaper than the Equinox Event Great Box – nice.”

The Ultra Box: “Targeted at hardcore players. Although expensive, you are still paying 50% less than purchasing these items individually, which in our eyes makes it worth it. You are getting a mix of all the items you would eventually buy in the in-game store anyway.”

So go ahead and buy them now.

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